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The lightest-hitting team in baseball


08:11 AM ET 04.18 | Pittsburgh's issues at the plate are, regrettably, two-fold. Not only are the Pirates struggling to hit the ball, they are struggling to put much power on the balls they do hit. The Pirates' four home runs entering Tuesday were the fewest in the major leagues. It should come as little surprise considering their 60 hits also were last in the majors. But the ratio should be troubling. In 2011 -- with a less than powerful lineup -- 8.1 percent of the Pirates' hits went for home runs. The Brewers led the National League Central Division, with 12.7 percent of their hits going for homers. Through the first 10 games of the season, 6.7 percent of the Pirates' hits have cleared the wall.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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April 18, 2012  11:05 AM ET

triple AAA team huh?? aboout those passive angels, in the last two years , the team complain that they didn't had any power hitter, that the relievers were better, but the anemic offense did drag then down, now that they have morales back in track, they have pujols power hitter and RBI machine, they even got a offensive catcher where the team its getting all their RBI'S , ofcourse the catcher can't call a decent game untill now!!!

April 18, 2012  11:08 AM ET

its a sense of urgency?? for the halos futility?? its just too sad that, they can't even beat a triple AAA team, those the excecutives and GM still thinking itsn't PANIC reaction??

April 18, 2012  11:12 AM ET

sciocia,, needs to bring in trumbo on every day lineup, play him any where but play him, trumbo could be playing some outfield part time, some DH'S some first base, some third base time, hunter can't find his comfort zone?? wells would continue playing thanks to his heavy contract but he itsn't helping his team at all!!!

April 18, 2012  11:15 AM ET

morales should play one day on,one day off, the reason? he has being out of baseball activities for two long years, the manager has the solution in his hands!!!

April 18, 2012  11:16 AM ET

everybody knows very well, that the halos are in trouble except,,, the angels themselves!!!!!

April 18, 2012  11:16 AM ET

should the angels sign pudge rodriguez as a mentor???

April 18, 2012  11:17 AM ET

wonder why the angels aren't playing cantu, amarista, segura, mike trout?

April 18, 2012  11:21 AM ET

maybe the halos should bring a minor league team to play against them, would they get some time of shame at all??? i mean last time they play the A'S but were able to get the win, but in the second time the A's show them the door!!!

April 18, 2012  11:26 AM ET

should the GM fire the hitting coach, and their pitching coach?? the halos have to do something really fast, because the ship its sinking in very bad and ackward way, the more the halos play against sub- 500 team, the more they look as if they have more concentration as a team, than the halos!!!

April 18, 2012  11:29 AM ET

PITCHING COACH ITS NEEDED, HITTING COACH ITS NEEDED,, at this ritmo the halos could be looking for a quick fix, but where its the backfire point???

April 18, 2012  11:31 AM ET

the cubs are doing exactly what they suppost to do, which its to be a lower team,.!!!

April 18, 2012  11:34 AM ET

the braves, the miami marlins, are down hill, while the mets aren't slowing down, the halos manager has to know exactly where its the wound and where its the bleeding, but the team has to have a urgency meeting, there itsn't tomorrow!!!!

April 18, 2012  11:36 AM ET

wonder what happen to the big boy Z? i haven't see him at all pitch with the marlins, does he its injuried too??

April 18, 2012  11:36 AM ET

the twins are picking some games all together!!!

April 18, 2012  11:38 AM ET

the nationals are cruising, soon before you know it, the national team will be with the record of 80 wins!!!

April 18, 2012  11:39 AM ET

another team who should have a sense of urgency, should be the red sox, anybody won't have to agree with me, but the team its weak at their pitching rotation!!!!

April 18, 2012  11:40 AM ET

the mets are going to be a surprise team in the east division???

April 18, 2012  11:42 AM ET

its the orioles are for real? or they are just a pretenders?? the blue jays are smoking the league, who most like would win the division the east? in the national league??


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