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The worst game of 2012


08:02 AM ET 04.18 | Of course, an NFL season is why they play the games, but this one doesn't set up as must-see TV: Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings on Sept. 9. The Vikings and Jaguars ranked No. 1 and No. 4, respectively, in the dubious category of overpaying for particular free agents, according to this analysis, and I can't disagree. If you're going to spend that kind of money, you should get better than a guy who flopped one place and a guy who produced only one good year out of five. Worse, both teams did very little to help their young, developing quarterbacks, which is just sad when you consider that each spent a first-round draft pick in 2011 on Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder, respectively.

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April 18, 2012  08:16 AM ET

They still have time to improve. Maybe both teams will draft really well and be ready to do something in '12.


April 18, 2012  08:21 AM ET

They are reaching on SN with thhreads like this

April 18, 2012  08:21 AM ET

I'm so happy that this will be on TV up here in Minnesota. After thinking about it, maybe not. Come on, Blackout!

April 18, 2012  08:24 AM ET

At least they get this one out of the way early in the season.

April 18, 2012  08:24 AM ET

Say no More!

April 18, 2012  08:25 AM ET

This game is more about the race to L.A.

April 18, 2012  08:29 AM ET

Two Jacksonville threads? Looking at the 2012 schedule, I guess Manning had better get a day off while he can.

April 18, 2012  08:29 AM ET

I sense a theme coming on, about the Vikings misery, creating an avenue to Los Angeles.

April 18, 2012  08:31 AM ET

In September, there is still the hope that springs eternal from within the human breast. The season is young.

My guess for the stinker of the year is Rams-Seahawks in Week 17. All that will be at stake is a mediocre draft slot.

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April 18, 2012  08:35 AM ET

Who would've thought.....

Donavan McNabb was so bad in Minnesota, a historic franchise is about to pack it in and move, and the fans couldn't care less.

That damn McNabb.

April 18, 2012  08:36 AM ET

At least it will be early in the season when we're all just glad to be watching a real live game and bouncing sillicone again. I can see a nap midway through the third quarter.

April 18, 2012  08:40 AM ET

DD...Welcome back.......

Thanks, Mick. It's nice to sleep in my own bed and not pay a dollar a minute for cell phone calls, but the food and wine in Italy are something else.

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April 18, 2012  08:43 AM ET

At least it will be early in the season when we're all just glad to be watching a real live game and bouncing sillicone again. I can see a nap midway through the third quarter.

Right. You know how they sometimes cut away to a different game when it's out of reach in the 4th quarter? How about they stay with the game, but just keep the cameras on the cheerleaders, and only show the players when they're cutting to commercial and they've got a big Toyota logo on the screen? That way, they get around the TV contract rule that they have to cover the home game, no matter how stinky it is.

I prefer the smell of fish to the stench of bad football. Don't you?

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April 18, 2012  08:54 AM ET

Great.......I'm planning a trip to Ireland.,,,Any suggestions?

Never been there. But flying over the Atlantic is a joy compared to flying domestic routes in the US.

Jet lag is a killer, though. Plan a light schedule the first couple of days each way. After this trip, the idea of an NFL team in London is just freakin' silly.

April 18, 2012  09:03 AM ET

Can this dude at least wait until after the draft to say the Vikings and Jaguars didn't help their young quarterbacks? The Vikings have the third pick and could take a franchise left tackle. The Jaguars have the seventh pick and could get a WR1.


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