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Bryant expects to win an NBA title ... this year


08:08 AM ET 04.26 | Pay no attention to the 3-7 record against the five teams ahead of them (San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Miami and Indiana) in the NBA standings or the fact they'll be without Metta World Peace as the playoffs open. Kobe Bryant still believes the Lakers will be the team to lift the Larry O'Brien Trophy come June. "I expect to win it, absolutely," Bryant told 710 ESPN [Wednesday]. ... "I think the thing that's our biggest strength is our versatility and our size. (Ramon) Sessions has added another dimension to our team in terms of speed and point guard that can score the ball. Our bench has been playing extremely well. We've been shooting the ball extremely well, and our biggest key is our perimeter shooting."

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Kobe Bryant, Getty Images Kobe Bryant, Getty Images
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April 26, 2012  08:29 AM ET

Being confident is one thing...being delusional is another matter.

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April 26, 2012  08:44 AM ET

Being confident is one thing...being delusional is another matter.

His mind is his greatest asset so he has to expect the best. And I don't think he's delusional. The Lakers are right up there with every contender. Their only challenger in the West is the Spurs. OKC and Clippers are raw with no interior game so I don't see them getting through both Lakers and Spurs. Kobe has a great chance to win it this year but it's still a a game. Anything can happen.

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April 26, 2012  08:59 AM ET

as long as somebody beat the Heat, im good.

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April 26, 2012  09:07 AM ET

Kobe needs to make damn sure Bynum understands this... because if he plays like he did last season against the Mavs in the playoffs, the Lakers have no chance.

Kobe was the only one that showed up last year...

April 26, 2012  09:10 AM ET

One More Ring To Unite Us All, Bro!

April 26, 2012  09:20 AM ET

Delusional? What is Kobe supposed to do? Go into the playoffs expecting to lose? Do you enter contests accepting defeat before the thing even begins?Of course he expects to win. He is a winner and that's what winners do.

+1 You play the game to win.

April 26, 2012  09:32 AM ET

Kobe things ain't always what they seem, you have to bigs and a nice little title dream. I can't say I blame you for thinking this way, knowing you I wound not expect anything other than this for you to say.

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April 26, 2012  09:49 AM ET

This is part of what has made Kobe one of the game's greats.

April 26, 2012  09:51 AM ET

I love Kobe's attitude but they are not going to win it this year. Just not dominant enough to win the title.

April 26, 2012  09:52 AM ET

Nah...the Lakers have as much of a punchers chance as any team in the playoffs at thia point.....All of the pre season favorites ( heat , OKC, bulls ) have stumbled as of late , or are battling injury issues....thats why I think it is wide open

If Rose doesn't get 100% the Bulls are in serious trouble.

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