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Stoudemire's rep damaged forever


08:12 AM ET 05.02 | The clock may already have run out on Amar'e Stoudemire's chances to rebuild his image. [In Phoenix, Stoudemire was] a prolific scorer forever devoid of desire on defense. His moods were legendary and leadership was a lost cause. Then everything changed in Stoudemire's final season with the Suns. ... And then in a fit of frustration and anger, he sent his fist through the facing of a fire extinguisher Monday night. The blood of a lost Knicks season -- the blood of a lost legacy -- was on his hands. His best days behind him, his body betraying him, Stoudemire doesn't have the time to undo the damage. He's done in these playoffs for the Knicks and done as a popular, respected figure in the franchise's modern history.

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Amar'e Stoudemire, Getty Images Amar'e Stoudemire, Getty Images
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May 2, 2012  08:27 AM ET

It is me or does NY seem to get worse no matter what they do? Doesn't NY have a huge market and money to spend? Snakebit is what this is...

What is wrong with you people!?

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May 2, 2012  08:48 AM ET

I love Amare and won't him hate for this. Afterall what's a player without passion. He's 100000% likeable than Lebron so to me this is not a big deal. Another thing is that injuries and death in family have turned out to be blessings in disguise for the Knicks so I hope this plays out like that as well. If we can win one game STAT and Lin will be back... and they both need to come in from the bench. WOODSON ya heard. You made a huge mistake by starting Amare in Cleveland, killed team chemistry and any chances of Knicks getting the 6th seed. You f'ed up coach. Now I can only hope y're not dumb enough to make that same mistake again. Amare needs to start from the bench.

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May 2, 2012  08:54 AM ET

Winning down the road will change that perception - That is the only way to repair your image. Right now he needs to duck the slings and arrows his way , **** and get his stuff together to be the player he is being paid to be!!!

True. Still remember when Kobe was nearly universally hated (post Shaq and Colorado). 2 rings later, story changes...

May 2, 2012  08:54 AM ET

What a stupid move.

May 2, 2012  08:54 AM ET

NY is done w/ or w/out Amare. I was hoping they would have the best chance to knock the Heatles out especially w/ how Melo played before the playoffs and the team was playing really great. Melo is non-existent just like the others.

Boston, imo, has the best chance of taking the Heat out in the East...

May 2, 2012  08:59 AM ET

And from more memorable tweets from Amar'e... "This to(o) shall pass"...

May 2, 2012  09:00 AM ET

History lesson for some.........Frazier, DeBush, Bradly, Reed, Jackson, Menninger, C Russell, Ray Williams, M. Ray Richardson, D. Walker, Sky Walker, D. Harper, Ant Mason, C. Oakley, J. Starks, Ewing, C. Ward, Ty Chandler, Shumpert, J. Jeffries all defensive stalwarts.

Frazier, D. DeBush, Earl Monroe, M. Ray Richardson Bernard King, Ewing, Starks, Carmelo Anthony Knicks who could singlehandedly carry a Knicks team to victory and have done it, so they have a place in Knicks lure.

Stat and C. Smith have a special place in Knicks history as overated and prerenial failures as Knicks so people don't get it twisted by thinking these two storied individuals will be lost by us diehard Knicks just ain't so!

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May 2, 2012  09:01 AM ET

Teams that always operate in desperation mode like the knicks will always be losers. They were desperate when they signed Stoudamire, a guy whose career was already in decline. They were desperate to acquire a overrated Anthony and gave away too much to get him. Then they got desperate and signed Chandler for too much, signed Baron Davis a guy who can barely walk, signed JR Smith, a guy playing in China, and even started a guy who was the 12th man and had been cut by 2 other teams. (Lin) They are now stuck with a payroll problem and declining talent.

I agree with most of this but I think Chandler was worth the money, Amare was too but with all his health issues his role as a "star" player has diminished. As for Carmelo he is the type of player you have to build your franchise around not throw him in with a guy that needs as many shot attempts i.e. Amare. Carmelo is one of the premiere scorers in the league but people discredit him because he is a so called ball hog who cant defend.

May 2, 2012  09:03 AM ET

You people?Thats a bit

Troll or not. Can you answer the question? Does NY have a large market (compared to LA for instance) in which to operate? More money to draw from???

So, why does NY look like this? What can we say about this season? Where is the Management? And if "fans/posters that cotrol the team and make management do our bidding" then we all should be shaking our heads.



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