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Lin could return to Knicks Game 5 lineup


08:07 AM ET 05.07 | Baron Davis' dislocated patella will not only end his season, but also bring about the return of Linsanity -- albeit a likely more subdued version under the circumstances. [Davis] was replaced by veteran Mike Bibby, and with the season extended to at least Wednesday, Jeremy Lin could once again be back in the lineup. It's unclear if Lin would start or back up Bibby. It's not even clear if he will return, but interim coach Mike Woodson didn't rule it out. "I mean, I really can't answer that," Woodson said. "We'll get back to the gym tomorrow and talk to doctors and see where everybody, where they are physically. And we'll make some decisions before we get on the plane to head to Miami."

New York Daily News

Jeremy Lin, Icon Sports Jeremy Lin, Icon Sports
May 7, 2012  08:17 AM ET

Knicks swept?...........just had to get that in.

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May 7, 2012  08:28 AM ET

wouldn't it be something if Linsanity came back and got us 3 more wins. History says you can't come back from being down 0-3 but this has been a crazy year, especially for NY.

May 7, 2012  08:29 AM ET

not happening

May 7, 2012  08:34 AM ET

Knicks in seven!

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May 7, 2012  08:35 AM ET

Now on to what I really want to say(on the train this morning a lotta NY'ers were sayin this as well):

Mavs 0-4 swept.
Nuggets 1-3 (for the 2nd year in a row=1st round's Melo's fault)
Bulls 1-3 (no, not from a #1).
Hawks 1-3 closing in on another early exit.
Jazz 0-3 and counting.
Magic 1-3 about to hit the door.
Grizzles 1-2 and hoping to get back in the series.
KNICKS haters and commentators supposed sweep victim (no excuses and still playing).

Will some please tell me how many rings J. Rose, T. Legs, C. Barkley, R. Miller, J. Barry, R. Chapman have? AND of these fellows, name one with a more distinguished career the multiple times all pro (a few years lst team all defense) Pat Ewing? got it, I thought so!

May 7, 2012  08:36 AM ET

The Knicks are snake bitten with injuries

Baron's knee yesterday was one nasty injury.

Players are dropping like flies in these playoffs. Could it be due to the condensed schedule?

I hope no one else goes down!

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May 7, 2012  08:44 AM ET

I love when you answer your own question.....Morning btw

Good morning.........If I wait for others to answer my questions, two things will happen: The will most certainly give the Knicks no credit and without question spew venom at me and then accuse me of ranting when I'm indeed only stating facts and not rants.

May 7, 2012  08:48 AM ET

I would also like to say, that it was about time, some of the BS reff calls, went the Knicks way for a change

The officiating has just been made. It's almost as if the league office & Nike decided to do whatever they can do to help the Heat... and they call it a game. Just call it National Business Association.

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May 7, 2012  08:49 AM ET

I would also like to say, that it was about time, some of the BS reff calls, went the Knicks way for a change

We definately got some I'll admit, but I say.....finally. I mean you had commentators saying that the Heat by far have been the more physical team and that they got away from that yesterday, yet for the first three games the refs apparently didn't see the physicality of the Heat because they're whistles sure were very silent in that respect.

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May 7, 2012  09:04 AM ET

Knicks in seven!

I hope.. it's going to be a long climb at this point. Lin, the time is now for him to come back! We need him...

May 7, 2012  09:08 AM ET

Yup....I just dont understand how after knee surgery......You cant play but then 2 days later, you're good to go?Same as the al horford thing.....he was on the shelf for months, then all of a sudden he can play?

I've said all along Lin has been ready to play I just dont think Woodson had him in his gameplan. But now he really has no choice but to play him. I also think Horford came back too soon but the Hawks were desperate for his leadership and big body, although they still got smashed. Joe Johnson waste of $ smh...


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