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Inside Newman-Busch fracas


10:35 AM ET 05.13 | Several members of Ryan Newman's crew confronted Kurt Busch on pit road following Saturday night's race. Upset about a wreck on Lap 361, Busch had done a burnout - roaring directly through the Newman team's pit stall. After the race, Busch slammed into the back of Newman's car on pit road. Newman pulled around Busch and stopped, then got out of his car and said something to Busch. That's when Newman's crew got involved. During the fracas, a NASCAR official was shoved against Busch's car. Afterward, Newman's gas man and crew chief were summoned to the NASCAR hauler.

Charlotte Observer

Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Icon SMI Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Icon SMI
May 13, 2012  10:38 AM ET

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May 13, 2012  10:40 AM ET

Just Kurt being Kurt.. having a bad night and it just got worse after the blown tire and a few scrapes with the wall

May 13, 2012  10:41 AM ET

Boys have at it!!.. thats what NASCAR said

May 13, 2012  10:56 AM ET

The big fat guy on Newman's crew that bumped the Nascar official onto the hood of the car might have some answering to do.

May 13, 2012  11:06 AM ET

He's got some splaining to do

May 13, 2012  11:06 AM ET

And he was a big ole boy too

May 13, 2012  11:09 AM ET

I do believe this is the 1st thread this year that actually had to do with the race.. got to give props to the Racing T&R crew.. it ONLY took them 3 months to do it

May 13, 2012  11:13 AM ET

A little more to the thread..

Newman's gas man, Andy Rueger, who went to the #51 hauler to await Busch's arrival. Rueger planned to confront Busch immediately after the race. But Busch's team knew Newman's crew was upset, and so crew chief Nick Harrison instructed Busch to stop at the entrance of pit road and leave the car there instead. The driver was livid on the radio and had been screaming obscenities during the final few laps, and the team felt it would be a good idea for him just to get off the track.

Words were exchanged between the crewmen and Busch, and a NASCAR official fell onto Busch's hood in the process. Though contact with Rueger sparked the official's tumble, NASCAR's Robin Pemberton said the official just lost his footing. It's unclear whether NASCAR will issue any penalties in this situation. If NASCAR feels its official tumbled onto the hood on his own, then Newman's gas man could go unpunished.

May 13, 2012  02:15 PM ET

there is no defending kurt busch at this point, hes definitely got a few screws loose..

what i'm more shocked about is that T&R came up with an article about an on-track incident the day after the race.. hell is freezing over

May 13, 2012  02:15 PM ET

Kurt, you lost one ride. Trying to lose the other? Grow up!

May 13, 2012  03:02 PM ET

He'll end up driving for the only owner who can put up with him - his baby brother, in Nationwide series

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May 14, 2012  11:26 AM ET

NASCAR made the statement at the beginning of the season that they wanted to get back to racin like the old day, well thats part of it.......this reminds me of the Allison and Yarborough fight....

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May 14, 2012  12:20 PM ET

Bushy better be glad Newman didn't get too him -- I don't think Bushy wants a piece of him ...

May 14, 2012  12:43 PM ET

Meanwhile 5 Time is back... Finally able to hang on and win a race he led a lot of laps in.

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May 14, 2012  03:09 PM ET

Don't think those ''rocket scientist'' know how to fight


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