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Balfour irked by demotion


08:17 AM ET 05.14 | Grant Balfour is none too pleased that he's lost his job as the A's closer, and he has let his manager know. "I told him I wasn't happy," Balfour said before Sunday's series finale against the Tigers. "I was [ticked] off. That's fine. Whatever. I'll just go on the field and do what I gotta do." [Bob Melvin] had a different characterization of his meeting with Balfour, which took place sometime after the manager told Balfour and Brian Fuentes last week that Fuentes would be the new closer. "I wouldn't say he wasn't happy," Melvin said. "It was more 'Do I have a chance to get this back?' and I said 'Absolutely.' I've been on many teams [where] you give the closer a little break and give him a chance to iron things out."

Bob Melvin, Icon Sports Bob Melvin, Icon Sports
May 14, 2012  08:21 AM ET

The interns are still showing a picture of ex manager Bob Geren.

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May 14, 2012  09:09 AM ET

The interns are still showing a picture of ex manager Bob Geren.

I'm kind of surprised it isn't a picture of Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing Art Howe.

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May 14, 2012  11:01 AM ET

He was pretty wild when I watched him pitch on Friday, came in gave up a double that missed being a HR by about 2 feet. Next pitch was a wild pitch moving the runner to 3rd. Then dirted another pitch, but he was lucky the catcher found the ball in time and got the runner trying to come home.

May 14, 2012  11:21 AM ET

He SHOULD be ticked off ... he's stunk lately. Go to the bullpen, work with the coach, watch old films, but figure this out! Don't be mad at the coach -- get it fixed!

May 14, 2012  11:53 AM ET

balfour, needs to focus in fixin his careless job as a closer, colon and other starters lost games because the closer was unable, to close the games!!!

May 14, 2012  01:42 PM ET

sometimes, the managers had to pull this type of a moves, either help the closers, or send them to the last wagon in their train!!!

May 14, 2012  01:43 PM ET

He's struggled as of late and deserved to be demoted. The problem is that they replaced him with Brian Fuentes, who isn't an upgrade. I'm not sure what Ryan Cook has to do to be named the closer, but that guy has been lights out in the bullpen.

May 14, 2012  01:44 PM ET

get it fixed!

this pitcher its too blinded by his arrogance, its just too sad how players lose control from the simple things!!!

May 14, 2012  01:46 PM ET

Ryan Cook

i think the manager has him in the next list, if fuentes collapse as balfour did, then ryan cook its next in the closer role!!!

May 14, 2012  04:46 PM ET

Maybe he should talk to Francisco and they can trade ideas!!!

May 14, 2012  08:14 PM ET

He's ticked? What the H###?
Do your job or get replaced. That's life kid; grow up and stop whining!

May 14, 2012  11:25 PM ET

Send him to the Cubs...they could use some bullpen arms


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