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Francona in line for Angels job


08:13 AM ET 05.17 | If Mike Scioscia winds up following Mickey Hatcher out the door, could Terry Francona be waiting in the wings? Hatcher, who had been on the job for almost 13 years with the Angels, was fired Tuesday night, taking the fall for a highly paid team that was 27th in the majors in on-base percentage and flailing in the AL West standings. ... [During a Wednesday radio appearance,] Bowden, a former general manager of the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals, said the firing puts Scioscia on notice that he is on a short leash. "The bullet-proof vest of Mike Scioscia is off and if this team doesn't turn it around by August don't be surprised if Terry Francona ... is managing the Angels," Bowden said on ESPN Radio.

Toronto Sun

Terry Francona, Icon Sports Terry Francona, Icon Sports
May 17, 2012  09:20 AM ET

For Francona's sake I hope they don't ask for references from John Henry and Josh Beckett

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May 17, 2012  09:28 AM ET is so stupid.....they should consider becoming a subscriber....(some already have)change will be made in july, not august.......and my sources say its gonna be la-ruse-ahh....

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May 17, 2012  11:07 AM ET

Your sources should lay off the should Tony.

I'm using SM for my source in the future.

May 17, 2012  11:10 AM ET

Kind of odd that this article was pulled from the Toronto Sun.

May 17, 2012  11:24 AM ET

The Angels have an El Pollo Located in The Clubhouse, waiting for Terry to arrive!!!!!

May 17, 2012  12:18 PM ET

this has to be well explained to me,,,, i mean, why does terry francona should take over a nerveus wreck franchise??? there have to be better options, lets not forget TL R, he may like a piece of the angels team!!!

May 17, 2012  12:19 PM ET

"Bowden, a former general manager of the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals, said the firing puts Scioscia on notice that he is on a short leash."

You mean, "The short list" idiots! A "short leash" means he's being punished, and has lost some of his flex-abilities to coach.

May 17, 2012  12:20 PM ET

new hitting coach in anaheim, suddenly the team its hitting and more than 4 players got at least 2 hits a piece, its this some magic pulled out from no where? then again the hitters should be ashame for not performing as they suppost to do!!!

May 17, 2012  12:25 PM ET

if this team its able to turn things around and being able to be a conssistant team in the hitter depth, as i was whatching the game i count how many pitches from floyd were a borderline pitchers, the count went up real quick, did the halos saw the difference, from being impatient hitters into a very patient hitters? plus they got hit after hit, just about every body got a hit or a walk, and the most demanded hitter pujols, hit a three run shot, now that's what i call playing smart baseball!!

May 17, 2012  12:26 PM ET

trumbo continue his mastered swing in the batter box,,,,

May 17, 2012  12:27 PM ET

wells appears to becoming awake surprisely!!

May 17, 2012  12:29 PM ET

the only player that didn't got a hit, was bobby wilson, i wonder why sciocia didn't play more often the new catcher, hester???? what i saw in his first day in angels uniform, this catcher can hit unless otherwise!!

May 17, 2012  12:29 PM ET

callaspo has being doing great job,

May 17, 2012  12:29 PM ET

mike trout hasn't to afraid to hit doubles and triples,,,

May 17, 2012  12:30 PM ET

BOURJO'S need to turn things around really fast, unlesss the halos refuse to give bourjo's a second oportunity!!

May 17, 2012  12:31 PM ET

between jerome williams, and santana, both pitchers had being great at the mound for the halos!!!

May 17, 2012  12:32 PM ET

weaver, and dan haren, had being struggle in the last two outings!~!!


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