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The man who saved the Big 12


08:37 AM ET 05.26 | ... in a month Chuck Neinas will be gone, turning the keys of the Big 12 over to Bob Bowlsby before heading back to his life in the Rocky Mountains. But what Neinas has accomplished should not be forgotten. The Big 12 reached out to Neinas last September with the conference in tatters. Nebraska and Colorado were gone, Missouri and Texas A&M were headed out the door and Oklahoma and Texas were exploring exit options. Nonetheless, Neinas accepted the offer to become the interim commissioner of a conference on the verge of collapse. But if you know Neinas, you knew not to take the term "interim" seriously. Neinas is no caretaker -- not the man who shaped the Big Eight into football's most powerful conference in the 1970s. Neinas is a man of action, which is why the Big 12 quietly changed his title from "interim" to "acting" commissioner a few months into his stewardship. How's this for action -- that shrinking eight-team league grew to 10 under Neinas with the additions of TCU and West Virginia, and the Big 12 reclaimed its status as a superconference this month with a landmark agreement with the SEC to play a bowl game pitting their two champions.

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Victor J. Boschini Jr., Chuck Neinas, Icon SMI Victor J. Boschini Jr., Chuck Neinas, Icon SMI
May 26, 2012  08:51 AM ET

Neinas, Neinas, he's the man
If he can't save it,
No one can.

Hip Hip Hooray....

or, whatever. :)

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May 26, 2012  09:07 AM ET

He has impressed. Quite the upgrade from Beebe.

No how is Bowlsby going to be...have you seen anything so far?

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May 26, 2012  10:11 AM ET

Neinas did provide stability. But let's be honest here. Zero U and the rusty cows saved the Big 12 by staying with it. Without those two, you have a bunch of schools sought by C-USA or such. Seriously, would the 12PAC, SEC, B1G want Tech, Baylor, Okie Lite, Kansas, K-State, Iowa State, TCU or WVa without getting OU or Texas in the deal? We know the Big Least would take some. Who else?

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May 26, 2012  10:26 AM ET

Norman and Austin probably don't need the additional exposure of a CC game. So I don't see either of them signing off on expansion unless the net result is more $$ per school.Will be interesting to see whether the addition of Misery and the Aggholes ends up increasing or decreasing revenue per school in the SEC. I hear Slive is getting some serious push-back as he renegotiates TV contracts...............That's funny. I thought "pushback" was a real word, but Google's spell check is insisting I need a hyphen.

Google knows all!

Sounds like the networks may want a "shovein" as much as "pushback."

I was wondering when all this network money would settle. I think the networks know games such as tOSU/Michigan and LSU/Bama are hot commodities and will pay. But, they also know Purdue/Minnesota or Kentucky/Ole Miss don't have national draw and really aren't prime products that warrant big $$$$$$$$$$.

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May 26, 2012  11:23 AM ET

correct.Dodds is on record saying exactly that. He is happy with a 10 team conf but won't oppose expansion if the $$ are right. Supposedly Slive has also told B12 that 14 teams is a bit unwieldy and hard to manage.Womens softball 1 win away from the WCWS. Haven't been there in 6 years.

I've said all along I think it best for a conference if all teams get to play each other every year as opposed to a rotation.

May 26, 2012  11:33 AM ET

Gotta say... at this time last year I didn't give the B12 a chance of hell being here this year.

Tip of the hat to Neinas.

May 26, 2012  12:47 PM ET

But the baseball team is in danger of missing post-season play for the first time since Barney Rubble was in our bullpen.:-(

Miss State playing Kentuck in semi's for SEC. They should get in the tourney regardless, but would be nice to beat UK for the 4th time in a row. LOL

May 26, 2012  01:35 PM ET

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....

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