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Will Nicks injury lead Giants to pursue Plaxico?


09:24 AM ET 05.27 | Could Hakeem Nicks' broken right foot lead the Giants to look into bringing back Plaxico Burress? He's not returning to the Jets - they've already reassigned his locker - and is still on the market as a free agent. He would give the Giants a veteran presence, especially in the red zone. He had only 45 receptions for 612 yards last year, but did catch eight touchdowns. One year ago, right out of prison, Burress to the Giants was a bad idea - it would have been a circus. Even so, the Giants still offered him a one-year non-guaranteed $4 million contract (the base was $1 million with $2.5 million in incentives and up to $500,000 in roster bonuses). He turned it down to take the Jets offer of $3.017 million guaranteed. Sources insist the Giants were Burress' first choice, but he couldn't turn down the Jets money after all the income he lost being in prison for two seasons.

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Plaxico Burress, Icon SMI Plaxico Burress, Icon SMI
May 27, 2012  09:28 AM ET

I could see the Dolphins chasing him down.

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May 27, 2012  10:32 AM ET

I thought it was kinda funny that the writer of the article believes the Jets won't resign him because they've already reassigned his locker. Sheesh! That's one hell of a demanding custodial staff in New Jersey. "Sorry, Plax, we'd love to have you, but Betty already took care of cleaning out your locker and giving it someone else. And, you know how she gets about things."

May 27, 2012  11:02 AM ET

Everything I read says he will be out 3 months.

The season starts in 3 months.

I guess I'm missing the point...

May 27, 2012  11:09 AM ET

Ah no! That bridge burned. Lesson here is do not diss your ex HC.

Three years ago they take Barden in round 3. Last year jurnegen in round 3. This year Rueben Randle round 2. They resign Hixon.

Just not their way and as a vet his minimum is about $1 million a year. No no and no.

May 27, 2012  11:19 AM ET

As far as his career is concerned, Burress shot himself in the foot ... thigh.

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May 27, 2012  12:16 PM ET

Isn't Plaxico the first stage of gingivitis?

It's a small country in central America, no?

May 27, 2012  12:16 PM ET

This guy is a turd. Avoid at all costs.

One reason for Jeff Ireland to go after him... little-or-no market value means Plax could be acquired for cheap. And Jeff Ireland seems to have a thing for making the wrong moves.

May 27, 2012  12:20 PM ET

We should be hearing from Drew Rosenhaus any time now, trying to make us believe there are many teams interested in Plax, how he still has gas left in the tank, and how he'd be a great mentor to the younger receivers... basically the same spiel he has for all his clients who no one else has any interest in.

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May 27, 2012  01:19 PM ET

It's a small country in central America, no?

I thought it was the red head on Giligan's Island.

May 27, 2012  02:30 PM ET

The Giants are champions , why would they backtrack and take this guy....Nicks should be ready for the opener

May 27, 2012  03:27 PM ET

I thought it was the red head on Giligan's Island.

Nope, but since you mentioned her, they should do a Gilligan's Island movie and cast Christina Hendricks as Ginger. Now, I'll spend my afternoon seeing just how I can get the role of Gilligan.

May 27, 2012  03:54 PM ET

Everything I read says he will be out 3 months. The season starts in 3 months. I guess I'm missing the point...

You and me both then. Unless H. Nicks has a setback in the next few weeks the Giants will only be missing him for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the season if that. Last time I checked, the Giants had a few other WRs who could catch the ball.

May 27, 2012  04:05 PM ET

My fantasy team is already in danger to start the season with Adrian Peterson's rehab and now Nicks.

May 27, 2012  07:04 PM ET

Last year's offer to Burress was a "symbolic" offer. I don't think the Giants really believed he would take it. They have won a Super Bowl without him. He's old, has an attitude, injury prone.

NOT Bloody likely.

May 27, 2012  10:39 PM ET

One must admit it is intriguing, he is a talent and he and Eli do work very well together. He is a good guy, just immature and not very bright. Lots of talent and he was well liked by his teammates in New York. I don't think this is such a long shot, it would be with a different head coach, but if it is alright with the team then I would guess that Tom Coughlin might just be able to pull it off, that team is together, if it's their choice, they know what they are is really their call...


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