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Raptors open to moving pick, too


08:08 AM ET 06.01 | Even though it's the offseason, Bryan Colangelo is a busy man these days. [Colangelo] is keeping his options open as far as keeping or trading his No. 8 overall selection is concerned. Complicating a potential dealing of the pick for Colangelo is the fact that the team picking just ahead of the Raptors -- the Golden State Warriors -- also intend to explore moving the selection for a veteran. The rumour mill has the Warriors coveting several players the Raptors will consider going after, including Andre Iguodala, Rudy Gay and Danny Granger.

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Andrea Bargnani, Getty Images Andrea Bargnani, Getty Images
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June 1, 2012  08:20 AM ET

The NBA is a fraud......WWE!

June 1, 2012  08:28 AM ET

The NBA is a fraud......WWE!

Only because Stern didn't give the Knicks the first overall pick like the Patrick Ewing draft year.

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June 1, 2012  08:43 AM ET

They need to scout better and not waste the pick. I don't know who would take that pick now especially if the draft is a crap shoot.

Other than the first year he was the GM, Colangelo has done squat. Jose Garbajosa was a great fine as was Anthony Parker. But since then what has he done other than keep hiring assistant GM's that just agree with him?

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June 1, 2012  08:51 AM ET

What will eventually happen though is that Colangelo brings in yet another player with a last name I can't pronounce (read: another clumsy Euro).

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June 1, 2012  08:54 AM ET

Other than the first year he was the GM, Colangelo has done squat. Jose Garbajosa was a great fine as was Anthony Parker. But since then what has he done other than keep hiring assistant GM's that just agree with him?

Jonas Valanciunas is gonna give us some inside presence

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June 1, 2012  09:34 AM ET

The Maple Leafs of basketball - only difference in the past the Leafs actually used to win.

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June 1, 2012  10:20 AM ET

It Won't Matter, Bros.

June 1, 2012  11:00 AM ET

TMac is available.

June 1, 2012  11:10 AM ET

I can see the Raptors pulling off of move to get Granger... The Pacers seem to be on the verge of shipping him out of town... The joke is Iguodala and Granger should've both been Raptors but the team drafted Aruojo and Granger in both spots respectively. It's smart to move the pick considering how awful their scouting department is when it comes to drafting talent...

I think drafting is actually Colangelo's strength. its trades and free agency that have gotten him in trouble lately. I know ppl are down on Bargnani and Aldridge has turned into the better player, but if he stays healthy and plays like he did last year (other than a stretch of 2 weeks when he came back and destroyed his averages with terrible play) Aldridge is the only player from that draft i would take instead of AB. Derozan was a good pick, especially at #9. Who knows if Ed Davis ever becomes as good as the raptors said he would be, but he was picked 13th they couldve done worse. Last year teams were scared it would be 3 yrs before Valanciunas could leave his team. Colangelo did his homework and now we are getting a guy for next season who would be the 2nd pick this yr from the 5 spot in a weak draft last yr. I dont know about his phoenix years other than getting amare #9

And the guys that drafted Aruojo are long gone lol

June 1, 2012  11:22 AM ET

Philly wants to move Iggy b/c they think he cramps Turner. Raps desperately need somebody to get to the rim. But won't this cramp DeRozan?

I think they need to go much bigger...I think Bargs needs to be moved. Enough of centering the team around a soft stretch 4. Didn't work in Memphis with Gasol. There is only 1 Nowitzki and it took a crazy supporting cast to get that done.

They need to take a big risk....only way to get better is to take a huge risk and if it fails, you get a top pick and hope it is a year a Rose, LeBron, Duncan or similar is there for the taking.

That is why letting Howard go might be in the best interest of Orlando. You want a top 3 don't want to be mired in mediocrity like Houston with no ability to get better through the draft.

June 1, 2012  11:47 AM ET

I don't see too much upside in trading the draft pick. It will provide Toronto with yet another mediocre role player.

The main issue I have with Toronto is that they have a poor foundation of players.
Bargnani: Center that never plays like one
DeRozen: small guard who shows potential sometimes, yet has sadly fallen in love with his inconsistent jump shot
Calderon: aging pg that is so unselfish, he doesn't know to become a scorer when his team sorely needs it.

This is what the Raptors are building on, and it is just terrible.
You REALLY see what's lacking in Toronto this time of the year, when comparing with playoff teams.

June 1, 2012  12:04 PM ET

Jonas Valanciunas is gonna give us some inside presence

But let's keep our fingers crossed that he has more "presence" then Bargnani.
Last thing Toronto needs is a second 7 footer in the paint with a limited post game & rebounding numbers.

June 1, 2012  12:20 PM ET

I cant see why philly, memphis or indy would part with those guys simply for a draft pick and some filler.I think its smart to consider moving the pick....but you arent getting an AS caliber player for the 7th or 8th pick

and flip side, too. why would a rebuilding (or more accurately, building) organization sacrifice a high draft pick in a deep draft to add a guy who will be past his prime by the time the team is ready to be competitive? explains why both GS and Tor are perpetually lousy.


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