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NBA proposing younger Olympics teams


08:25 AM ET 06.17 | With the Dream Team documentary generating record ratings for the NBA TV network and the USA basketball team having firmly established itself once again as the best in the world in 2008, it's become apparent that it may be time to revisit the current Olympics situation. Numerous owners around the NBA have questioned the logic of sending professionals, players they've invested millions of dollars into, overseas to compete for their country in the Olympics. The risk of injury and the possible subsequent financial ramifications to an NBA team has led to discussions inside the NBA about different avenues to diffuse these risks. As a result, there's a new proposal from the NBA regarding eligibility of players to compete on their respective national teams. Under the proposed format, only players at the age of 23 or younger on an NBA roster would be able to play for their country of origin at the Olympics.


David Stern, Icon SMI David Stern, Icon SMI
June 17, 2012  08:51 AM ET

Actually the problem is the current players of the Dream Team don't have the same character as the 92 team. The 92 team appreciated that they were there and players like Barkley actually enjoyed mingling with other athletes. I know a person that competed at the 92 Olympics and he said all the athletes would go up and and try and touch the Dream Team members and they responded by respecting these athletes for their accomplishments. Would current members do that?

June 17, 2012  09:08 AM ET

Please let someone else play besides my guys so I don't lose them to injury........

June 17, 2012  09:25 AM ET

Because no one age 24 and over would be proud to play for their country, right? I can understand the owners personally not wanting their players to risk injury but, the NBA should have no say in the matter.

Would they let any organization including the Olympics committee to change rules and regulations within the NBA?

June 17, 2012  09:36 AM ET

Please let someone else play besides my guys so I don't lose them to injury........

I like the idea of sending a high school all-star team.

June 17, 2012  09:47 AM ET

Before you guys go commenting and giving a stamp of approval on Lord Sterns 24 or younger proposal, ask this question. Are the other countries going to abide by this stipulation? I've been watching the Olympics for the past 50 years and can vividly recall all the Eastern Bloc teams of the past with guys 28/29 playing for their country and once actually winning the gold with this formula. Those countries didn't or had very little professional leagues and due to this, they were in fact playing some of the same guys Olympic after Olympic, no beef. The Americans it seems were the only nation sending college kids to the Olympic. This is about Lord Stern and his employers (the rest of the greedy owners in the league) wanting to protect their investments and nothing more. I'd guess you'd tell Parker, Ginobli and all the loads of foriegn players now playing in the NBA, they can't play for their countries..........this is bogus and you people really should stop wit the nonesense!

June 17, 2012  09:56 AM ET

Players Are Not Your Chattel, Bros.

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June 17, 2012  10:23 AM ET

I can see it now, USA 20 year old phenom is posting a Croatia 32 year old and getting physical and pushing this young kid around and the intimidation factor. I think ole her Stern might be once again on the ..............................NOTHING!!!

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June 17, 2012  11:46 AM ET

this isn't 50 years ago- there aren't any 'unknown' mystery players that russia is pulling out of siberia that no one knows how old they are or who's been on HGH.....EVERYONE is playing in professional leagues around the worldwe know and we have scouting reports on EVERYONE in the bball world, from china to argentina from the time they turn 16.....

You seem off base on everything.......In you stupid response yesterday you agreed with Its not Woodson fault that he wasn't able to draft Chris Paul like that has something to do with the state of the Knicks. You also supported the fact that the Knicks did as well as the could do by hiring Woodson and not even attempting search for another coach better than his marginal ****. Today you completely missed the point in that Lord Stern is talking a age limit (24) for NBA players and the fact that the NBA is full of foreign players who would be Stern rule also be restricted from playing for their respective countries. You don't get it buddy so keep sleeping and not respond to my comments with your dumb logic. No one outside of the USA is in favor of this......what? Stern now dictates the Olympic selection process.......get a grip buddy and move on with your maddness!

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June 17, 2012  11:56 AM ET

Except other countries will still send their very best players, some who play in the NBA or play professionally elsewhere. By the time the USA team has developed chemistry they'll be too old to play.

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