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Fedor announces retirement


09:28 AM ET 06.23 | Fedor Emelianenko, a Russian bear of a mixed martial arts heavyweight whose greatness includes the asterisk of never participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, announced his retirement after a Thursday night fight in his home country. "I think it is time I quit," Emelianenko said in a story by Russian news site Ria Novosti after a first-round triumph over former UFC fighter Pedro Rizzo. "My family influenced my decision. My daughters are growing without me. That's why it's time to leave."

Los Angeles Times

Fedor Emelianenko, Icon SMI Fedor Emelianenko, Icon SMI
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June 25, 2012  09:12 AM ET

I wish the MMA would too.......NEXT!

June 25, 2012  09:29 AM ET

Guess he was too afraid to fight against the best... who was it again, Brock Lesner?

June 29, 2012  09:04 AM ET

Guess he was too afraid to fight against the best... who was it again, Brock Lesner?

it was a LONG list....he's been ducking top competition since 2004...keep fighting cans, eventually you're gonna lose to a can....and he lost to 3 of em in a row...

July 1, 2012  08:02 AM ET

Fedor never ducked anyone. He misplaced his complete trust in his management M-1 Global. They stuck to their guns for the benefit of themselves: insisting on co-promotion with the UFC on any Fedor contract. When they couldn't get that for themselves, damned if they were going to let Fedor sign whether it was in his best interest or not.

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July 2, 2012  09:39 PM ET

A lot of rookie fight fans bandwagon-ed on mocking Fedor once he did the same thing half of all great fighters have done in their careers. Think legends of (American) MMA such as Gracie vs. Hughes...or Shamrock after UFC got big...or heck classically Ali post '76, Roy Jones Jr after Tarver, or probably best example Tyson (who was legitimately the baddest man in fight-sports ever in his prime) post Robbin Givens. Fighters like in no other athletes lose it overnight. It's partially cause of the toll and there's some truth to keeping the "eye of the tiger." Yet Ali is remembered as Ali, Tyson as the baddest man on the planet, and Gracie as the guy who brought MMA to America. In Fedor's prime UFC heavy wasn't the world main of MMA, and while immediate memory says Fedor hung around too long, history will remember his decade of dominance in global MMA.

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July 5, 2012  07:47 AM ET

if fedor were in shape hed be a lhw and would have fought tito and chuck during that dominant span

which is not much different than Couture having difficulty at LHW and then taking advantage of a power vacuum at HW to beat Sylvia....Fedor opted to fight overweight, out of shape guys in their 40s rather than take on the REAL top fighters...

July 5, 2012  07:53 AM ET

Werdum (ranked #5 HW) and Dan Henderson are cans now?

Werdum IS absolutely a can, and Hendo was an aging fighter in his 40s who was on his way out of MMA after leaving UFC....don't let the result of Hendo winning fool you into thinking that Hendo is suddenly a top fighter at the top of his game...he would have retired after the fight if he lost, in fact, beating Fedor is the ONLY thing breathing life into Hendo's career at such an advanced age....Fedor ducked the top fighters and only fought guys that were supposedly WAY past their prime until he eventually lost to a fighter that is WAY past his prime...he targeted people that USED to be title holders as if the fact that beating a guy that USED to have a title means you are the current champ...I, personally, could destroy Mohammed your logic, that would make me currently the best HW boxer because he USED to have some titles....


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