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Anthony, D'Antoni make up for Team USA


09:04 AM ET 07.08 | Carmelo Anthony and Mike D'Antoni have put the red, white and blue ahead of any discord that may have festered when the two shared the orange and blue in New York. Anthony and the former Knicks coach had their reunion Thursday at the U.S Olympic team's hotel before Team USA's first meeting. They will see each other every day during this week-long training camp and across the next five weeks. D'Antoni resigned as Knicks coach on March 14, hours after Anthony denied a Post report he preferred to be traded at the deadline unless he was assured there would be a new coach next season.

New York Post

Carmelo Anthony, Icon SMI Carmelo Anthony, Icon SMI
July 8, 2012  09:07 AM ET

Anthony is a Head Case!!!

July 8, 2012  09:27 AM ET

D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Bros.

July 8, 2012  09:37 AM ET

Without Anthony the the so called irrelevant Knicks would be even more irrelevant. Certainly couldn't imagine them even in the 1st round cause it sure as hell didn't happen before his arrival. Melo needs to get in shape is the least of the Knicks problems. Let's see...Stat needs rebounding prowless as well as defense and a signature move asides from power dunking. Lin (if signed) needs improvement from his turnover prowless, to be able create and beat you off the dribble for a open jumpshot, learn to dribble going left and better 3pt shooting. Chandler some low post moves, Shumpert better health and a better jumpshot, Novak if signed some of everything asides from an open uncontested ju/3mpshot, this list would include defense, rebounding, creating a shot, diving for loose balls and a number of other things I forgot to think of. Well plainly put and in a one is interested in how to rekindle a relationship with an overrated hasbeen coach in Dantoni. We have larger things to look at, namely..healthty players, some players, unloading some players and creating much needed cap room......hence don't sign Fields, Novak and serious considerations in not signing Lin for that jacked up amount, if we do sign'em by 1/3 of the way into the season people will be laughing at that signing. Dantoni's and Melo's rekindlement of bonding is inconsequential totally!

July 8, 2012  09:38 AM ET

they should be a better team this coming year.

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July 8, 2012  09:49 AM ET

I can see Anthony finally winning a ring when he joins a contender at 40 years old

July 8, 2012  09:51 AM ET

they should be a better team this coming year.

Be interesting to see what JKidd brings to the Knicks. It'll definitely be an improvement over their current PG situation. Plus he'll be a good mentor for Lin if the Knicks re-sign him!

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July 8, 2012  10:00 AM ET

and you know he wants Lin out of NYC too.

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