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Knicks passing on Lin for run at Paul?


08:34 AM ET 07.15 | It was assumed all along that the Knicks would match the Rockets' offer sheet for Jeremy Lin, once they actually got the Rockets' offer sheet, until the word began to get around on Saturday night that the Knicks were trading for Raymond Felton. Now, nobody ever discussed Felton as an instant global icon, but you may remember that the Knicks were going along very nicely -- before the Carmelo Anthony trade -- with Felton as the point guard. But he did pretty well in Mike D'Antoni's system, working it with Amare Stoudemire, before he was one of the Knicks who had to leave town to make room for Anthony. And suddenly on Saturday night, Knicks fans started to think that Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton was not such a terrible alternative to Kidd and Lin, and a whole heck of a lot cheaper. And might keep the Knicks in play for Paul when the time comes.

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Chris Paul, Icon SMI Chris Paul, Icon SMI
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July 15, 2012  08:44 AM ET

This is less about Paul and more about the "poison pill" offer made by Houston. The Rockets made it extremely tough on the Knicks to match, with their 5/5/14 offer to Lin. If tne Knicks pass, it's because of $$. The chance at Paul next year is only speculation.

July 15, 2012  08:45 AM ET

CP rumors again?

yes it's important to keep up with the Dwight Howard status quo of 1 year!

July 15, 2012  08:49 AM ET

D'Antoni doesn't live here anymore. Not exactly sure how well Woodson and Felton will go together. I'm wondering if J Kidd will actually be the starter now.

But, maybe the Knicks actually made the right decision here to not give Lin all that money and to still give themselves a chance at CP3.

July 15, 2012  08:59 AM ET

Paul is more than likely staying with the clippers...The only reason he said he hadnt signed an extention yet is bc if he waits to sign it he will get more money....

July 15, 2012  09:02 AM ET

since Howard wants to be in brooklyn which is close to new York, the knicks may have a plan on getting Howard. Trade Amare and Chandler to get cap space and get Howard next year if Howard is still available

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July 15, 2012  09:10 AM ET

That's what my buddy in New York said.

Lin doesnt have the size to play sg, he will get injured very soon if he does. Lin vs Kobe? vs Wade? Howa about Joe Johnson?

July 15, 2012  09:17 AM ET

Paul is going to pass up playing with Griffin for 'Melo and all his whining?

Not likely.

July 15, 2012  09:20 AM ET

CP rumors again?


July 15, 2012  09:44 AM ET

I'm glad as it seems the Knicks might not match the Lin offer and jettison his **** and that ridiculously inflact contract to those morons in Houston. And to those who suggest the sign sign this marginal talent to play scoring guard, you have got to be kidding in your zeal to employ this jacked up kid at any all cost. He creates future salary cap problems for the Knicks to say the least and is all of a mere 26 game wonder. Get real here folks. Its time to say bye bye to this media sensation delusional fan infatuation. This contract with Felton would be more sensible (3yr 10 mil) and does not create nearly as much of a problem than the Lin contract. I'm sick of this hype up fraud anyways, and IMO Felton is a lot better. Linegoatics...its seems as though the jig is up!

July 15, 2012  10:00 AM ET

LMFAO, will Sterns allow CP to go to the Knicks??

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July 15, 2012  10:49 AM ET

Stay In LA, Bro.

July 15, 2012  10:49 AM ET

We can thank some of the posters for at least a good laugh here. Lin the great looks like the Knicks are going to pass on. Smart move. Why would CP3 want to go to NY and join the over the hill gang of Stat and Melo? Houston is going to be left holding the bag. A bag of Asian noodles. What are they thinking signing this bench warmer to that contract?

Then reading the NYers and their "wishful thinking" trade and signings. Brilliant!

July 15, 2012  10:52 AM ET

NY could still sign Lin and play him at SG.

Is DJ making yet another brilliant NBA knowledge central statement? Maybe Lin can play the 4 position too? LOL, SMH, ROTFLMAO. Lin can't play the PG position and he wants them to play him at the 2? Rubio for MVP.


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