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Wall sets two audacious goals for 2012-13


08:09 AM ET 07.19 | If the overhaul in Washington was about adding more mature talent, the future is still very much in the hands of John Wall. Two years in the league, and former #1 overall pick John Wall has nothing to show for it. Not a postseason appearance, and not an All-Star or All-NBA selection. For a player as notoriously competitive as Wall, that kind of failure doesn't sit well, and that's something he hopes to remedy this upcoming season. "It's time for me to be in the playoffs. It's time for me to be an All-Star," Wall told HOOPSWORLD while taking in some action at the Las Vegas Summer League. "Those are all things that I've been wanting. I want to help the Washington Wizards get better as an organization, and that's all up to me to lead my team."


John Wall, Getty Images John Wall, Getty Images
July 19, 2012  08:19 AM ET

He is not a leader

July 19, 2012  08:41 AM ET

He is not a leader

I think all the players come into every new season with lofty expectations some of which are pipe dreams also known as beyond their ability... I don't think Wwall can do it. He's one dimensional like Carmelo Anthony.... he'll get his STAT's but his team will suffer... yes I said it. Knicks are first round playoff material. If Bynum teams up with Irving in Cleveland count Knicks out of the playoffs...

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July 19, 2012  09:13 AM ET

Wall definitely has the skills. May not be the best thing to say out loud "time from me to be an All-star", but the guy is competitive and determined, so have to respect that.

Hope the Wizards do well. They've made some moves this off-season, let's see if it pays off for them.

July 19, 2012  09:40 AM ET

Baby Steps, Bro.

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July 19, 2012  10:15 AM ET

Wall has always been a stats guys but not really a winner in my views. Guess this will be the year to find out because he'll be surrounded by talent and vets for the first time

July 19, 2012  10:48 AM ET

I'm curious... What about John Wall is one dimensional... have you even watched the kid play??

Probably not much, despite his mouth..the kid can play and is very well rounded. In fact, that may be his downfall when he played with those bums the past few years, he wasn't selfish enough. He could have easily averaged about 20 a game if he looked for his own shot.

July 19, 2012  11:04 AM ET

He is not a leader

Last night, my cousin Mike said Wall was arguing with Jerry Stackhouse last season during the NC Pro Am. Wall was on Jerry's team. 17 years in the association trumps 2 years of nothing to show.

July 19, 2012  11:07 AM ET

I'm curious... What about John Wall is one dimensional... have you even watched the kid play??

I don't think Wall is one dimensional he just has a horrible jump shot. He is very fast can attack the rim is just as atlethic as Rose or Westbrook but he can not shoot well at all from mid range or 3pt range. His defense is not shabby either he plays the passing lanes very well. If he has improved his jumper and Washington is above average with a winning record Wall has a shot to make an all star game. At most they take 5 guards and one of these players is taking Rose spot since he is hurt. The Wizards can make the playoffs if no huge trades go down that make Cleveland or Orlando better.

East Guards who have a shot at an All star:

1. Wade will get voted in
2. Dwilliams will get voted in or perhaps Rondo you can swap
3. Rondo
4. Joe Johnson
5. Wall/Kyrie/Ellis

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July 19, 2012  12:26 PM ET

I agree - He plays one speed all the time.. "Fast" - He needs to change it up a bit because everyone knows he's heading to the basket - That first step of his is gonna be hard to guard when he learns to mix it up a bit and hit his outside jumpers...

Yeah if he gets a pull up i.e. Westbrook...he will be deadly. I'm not a big fan of chucking up 3 pointers, I think too many players today rely on that and don't develop the mid range or long jump shot well.

July 19, 2012  05:30 PM ET

He didnt say anything unrealistic.

July 19, 2012  05:52 PM ET

They'll definitely make the playoffs this year

I dont think so homie!


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