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Rush's role on the rise


08:12 AM ET 08.01 | Brandon Rush's long and winding road landed him, as many expected, in Golden State. Rush's deal is for two years, $8 million. He has a player option for the second year. So next season, Rush will make less than the $4.4 million qualifying offer he signed, and less than the $5 mid-level exception he was hoping to land. However, Rush immediately becomes the top candidate to be the Warriors' sixth man and may have a shot at earning the starting small forward job. If he has another big year, he stands to get a nice payday next season in free agency. Rush, who spent his first three seasons with Indiana before being traded to the Warriors, had a breakout season under coach Mark Jackson.

Brandon Rush, Getty Images Brandon Rush, Getty Images
August 1, 2012  08:40 AM ET

I've always liked Rush as an off the bench guy rather than a starter, he offers good size at sg and floor spacing (career 41% from 3). If (big if) GS manages to stay healthy they could actually be a pretty exciting team to watch this year

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August 1, 2012  09:43 AM ET

Warriors come out and plaaay...

August 1, 2012  09:52 AM ET

Does Cream Always Rise To The Top, Bro?

August 1, 2012  10:16 AM ET

We're talking about a potential 6th man on the 11th best team in the West...I might actually have to do work today...smh

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August 1, 2012  10:47 AM ET

LOL !but the big question is would you rather have a thread on this guy or another on dwight? ??

Come on jgb!!! Why you gotta make my head hurt this morning? LMAO!! Sigh....I spose I'd take a post about Tristan Thompson over Dwight about now

August 1, 2012  09:23 PM ET

Indy gave up on good young talent, are they crazy or what?

August 2, 2012  02:45 AM ET

Good player, underrated defence and hits the big shots. Will do well with the Warriors. Warriors finally moving away from small ball and are two deep in every position

August 2, 2012  09:50 AM ET

Good player, underrated defence and hits the big shots. Will do well with the Warriors. Warriors finally moving away from small ball and are two deep in every position

Kinda disagree with you there. Their depth behind Lee and Bogut is quite horrendous. Besides Andris Biedrins and Jeremy Tyler, their only other options are rookies Ezeli and Green. Although, they did sign Landry a couple days ago, i'm still not too sure if Ezeli is NBA ready right as of now. Heck, they made David Lee a F/C last year, so if Bogut goes down, look for Landry to be starting and that entire depth thing to deminish.

But i do agree with you 60%. They did get a pretty fair backup point guard in Jarrett Jack not to mention they still have Charles Jenkins, both of whom are playing behind Curry. Thompson is being backed up by Rush (stated in the post) and rookie Harrison Barnes is back up by Richard Jefferson, who only shot 42% from the field, however shot the exact same percentage from the 3.

Expect them to be a high octane offense with Curry on the floor and a more steady team with Jack.

I expect them to take the 12th spot this year ahead of New Orleans, Portland, and Sacramento. I have them here only because of the inconsistent Curry and Bogut, who have been decimated by injuries as of late. If they are healthy, i expect them to place 10th at the highest. They just don't have depth on the bench behind Landry at the 4 or 5 slot. And if Bogut goes down, so do their hopes and dreams of making the playoffs.


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