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Why Brewer inked in New York


08:13 AM ET 08.01 | It didn't take New York long to start courting Ronnie Brewer after the Bulls decided not to guarantee the final year of his contract. The Knicks made their interest known very early and aggressively recruited the 27-year-old. New York couldn't offer as much money as other teams, but after hearing pitches from Mike Woodson, Glen Grunwald, Darrell Walker, Damon Jones and other members of the organization, Brewer was sold. ... "A lot of different teams were reaching out to me and I was weighing my options," Brewer said to HOOPSWORLD. "At the end of the day, it didn't come down to money. It came down to the best situation for me, as a person and as a player. I wanted to go somewhere I could win and have success."


Ronnie Brewer, Getty Images Ronnie Brewer, Getty Images
August 1, 2012  08:19 AM ET

I didnt know you could choose your team..........

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August 1, 2012  08:52 AM ET

First let me start by saying this to other posters who seems to thing that I just have an opinon of the their team not mine. The Knicks are my team and I'm a diehard lifelong and always will by type of a fan. First off....I think James Dolan is rich moron interested in only monies genereated by the team and its fans base support as unyeilding as it has been for decades now. I also am not a favorite of niether Grunwald, Zeke Thomas in particular as well are some of the decisions Woodson has made thus far. I didn't like him as a hire. I particularly was not impressed with Jeremy Lin and the stir of a debacle he caused with his IMO very marginal talent. This accusation by others accusing me of critisism of their team only is not only untrue but a joke as well. This silly unloading of a championship team as in Dallas by Cuban certainly deserved some form of a negative opion IMO. Joe Dumars PG/SF academy as well as a lotta horrid decisions certainly deserved critisism as well. The pure silliness of the Magic organization stance and actions thus far with Howard is just astounding. The losses of Lou Williams, Brand, and possibably Meeks and potentially A.I. certainly deserves some second looks and concerns as to whether they're moving forward in progress or backwards. For somma you's to say that I shouldn't have an opinon whether it's favorable or disagreeable with yours is just a joke as well. This is open forum where everyone has an opinon inwhich in can be stated although not always shared, but nonetheless it's their and they can rightfully state it whether you like, respect, agree, or disagree with it. Somma you's keep that in mind when you go running off at the mouth and name calling rather childishly I might add. Keep that in mind.

Now on to Mr. Brewer......I like this and I think he'll be an excellent addition to our team. Apparantly the Indiana Clan.....Woodson, Grunwald, etc. did something right this time around, maybe they're improving at this point. I certainly hope so!

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August 1, 2012  09:24 AM ET

Uh WHUT???You could've just gone with the last part. We wouldn't have been mad at you.

Let me be VERY clear on this........I could care absolutely LESS about how mad anyone is at me because of MY opinons.......thank you very much!

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August 1, 2012  09:50 AM ET

Keep Telling Yourself That, Bro.

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August 1, 2012  10:11 AM ET

Brewer is a very good defender and will be a good fit on the Knicks. JR provides offense, Brewer the defense.

I'm not a big fan of JR. We need to bury him deep on the bench or trade him if and when Shump gets back healthy...

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