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Suddenly slumping Trumbo at a loss


08:18 AM ET 08.08 | Over his past 34 at-bats, Mark Trumbo has just four hits, and he's seen his batting average slip from .311 to .289. "Physically, I feel great. No excuses," Trumbo said. "I've been through the try-harder phase. I've been through the try-less-hard phase. I've been through the try-the-same phase. I've been through the stop-swinging-at-certain-pitches phase. I've been through the be-more-selective phase. I've tried all my usual checkpoints." ... His slugging percentage has gone from a league-leading .634 on July 17 to .572 (fourth in the AL) to start of the day Tuesday. "I think this is probably the roughest spot he's had this year," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said.

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Mike Scioscia, Getty Images Mike Scioscia, Getty Images
August 8, 2012  08:27 AM ET

It's a long season, it happens!

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August 8, 2012  09:07 AM ET

That's what happen's in Baseball, he will get over it!

August 8, 2012  09:13 AM ET

34 at-bats: small sample size.

August 8, 2012  11:45 AM ET

34 at-bats: small sample size.

yep, but the Angels have been losing, so someone has to be singled out

August 8, 2012  11:49 AM ET

i think trumbo its pressure himself too much, another thing its the spot he its been playing, perhaps sciocia should move him to the 7 spot just to give him a breather,,,

August 8, 2012  11:53 AM ET

That's what happen's in Baseball, he will get over it!

while we are waiting for trumbo to wakeup, the halos would continue losing ground there has to be another way in produsing runs, sciocia should rest trumbo 3 or 4 days to give him some rest, if trumbo has tryout everything then it could be mental stress, seat the hitter rest his mindset, better things could be discover,,,

August 8, 2012  11:55 AM ET

yep, but the Angels have been losing, so someone has to be singled out

trumbo goes to the bench,, morales step in vernon wells back in the OF, bourjos should be playing more time and not only at the last inning as a repllacement,,,

August 8, 2012  11:56 AM ET

if the manager can't get any production from several players,, its time suffle the roster and find a way to fireup the team, sciocia has to be more creactive nevertheles

August 8, 2012  11:58 AM ET

It's a long season, it happens!

the team can't just seat down and wait, wait untill when?? untill the last day of the season?? sure looks like a long season but before you know it the season would be over,,,,

August 8, 2012  12:00 PM ET

aybar its hitting better move aybar into the 4 spot, rest trumbo bring in wells and bourjos there has to be more than just watching the time goes by,,,in the halos lineup are more players that are 0 for 4 in every game,

August 8, 2012  12:27 PM ET

the angels are aware about,,,, their bullpen relievers failures,, about the starters incossitent outings,SANTANA ,HAREN, CJ WILSON,JEROME WILLIAMS, GREINKE, in fact only one starter has been doing his job the rest of the rotation had been a total disaster!!!

August 8, 2012  12:31 PM ET

a terrible and bad combination, between the poor inconssistant offense and the ugly relievers imput together with the bad outings from any of those bad starters, and to make things even worse when a starter pitch a decent game the offense takes the day off, or viceverse, the offense score more runs than their regular number and the relievers throw all that offense in the trash can!!!

August 8, 2012  12:33 PM ET

in the baseball world its what it is but then somebody has to excecute the right calls, and on the angels lineup it appears that the catchers are making the wrong calls in both areas, with the starters and with the relievers!!!

August 8, 2012  12:39 PM ET

i had got to the point that everything has to do with the way the players and coaches are playing the game plan, in their offense some players become a free swingers and for the same reason they become and give to the other teams a free outs, callaspo and mike trout and sometimes AYBAR gets to work the count but most of the players they use the first pitch swing, if they get a hit good, and if they become automatic out fine the only thing that they do have in mind its either i get in base or get back to the bench!!!!

August 8, 2012  12:40 PM ET

just about all the players are making good$$$ and the ones aren't making any big money those are the one's who get the job done,,,

August 8, 2012  12:42 PM ET

the angels either replace their bullpen coach, or get some other relievers from their minors and just to make things worse the halos minor system its more thin than ever!!!

August 8, 2012  12:43 PM ET

yep, but the Angels have been losing, so someone has to be singled out

You're absolutely right, but the error in that is that we're talking about a team of 25 players, one of whom is a front-runner for the MVP. If were were talking basketball or hockey, then yeah, I can see how a slumping guy can have a drastic effect, but in sports like baseball and football (except for the QB for the latter), it's pretty ridiculous to peg failure on one guy.

Plus, batting average dropping to .289 and SLG dropping to .572 isn't exactly something to cry about. It's not like these guys are depending on Ryan Raburn to get them going.

August 8, 2012  12:43 PM ET

::waits for alacran's next post::

August 8, 2012  12:45 PM ET

this its why the angels need seriously work at hands full time in their minor league system the halos MOST reload their minor system product, this franchise can't compete with a empty minor league system!!!


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