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Kupchak on keeping Howard: 'We'll take our chances'


08:13 AM ET 08.13 | Superman is coming, Los Angeles -- how long he stays is up to the man himself, Dwight Howard. Howard, to date, has made it clear he intends to become a free agent. "Our decision was independent of anything you might have read about his desires," Kupchak said with a disarming amount of indifference. "Our feeling was, 'No matter what anyone says, let's just get him to Los Angeles and we'll take our chances.'" The fact Kupchak put this roster together while working within the confines of the NBA's new collective-bargaining agreement makes his performance even more magical. ... Just understand that Kupchak had about as much room to wiggle as a grape does inside its skin, and he still made this trade happen.

The Orange County Register

Dwight Howard, Getty Images Dwight Howard, Getty Images
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August 13, 2012  08:40 AM ET

Duuuhhhh! It would be the same thing if Bynum was still there and maybe worse because Bynum will be gone for sure. You have a better chance of keeping Howard than Bynum. I believe it will be easy to wow Howard to stay depending on how the team does and how he is treated for the whole year. It's all on you now LA...


August 13, 2012  09:11 AM ET

The Lakers are shooting for this season. With Kobe having just a couple seasons left in the tank, LA is playing for the short term. It's a good move because once those seasons are over, there will be plenty of cap space and the gamble that Howard is the future is worth it. If not, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

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August 13, 2012  09:14 AM ET

Who voluntarily leaves LA?

Michael Moore - after W's re-election LOL!

August 13, 2012  09:16 AM ET

he will stay

August 13, 2012  09:17 AM ET

Who voluntarily leaves LA?

Someone who prefers mass transit over constant highway gridlock, for one.

August 13, 2012  09:19 AM ET

A day without sunshine is like a day without a Howard story.
Thankfully it calls for thunderstorms tomorrow here.

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August 13, 2012  09:32 AM ET


August 13, 2012  09:32 AM ET

People and Lakers PLEASE..........hey Mitch buddy "you did nothing special", "great job in getting Howard though". The Magic and all of their silliness made this an easy feat attaining Howard. The Magic cut the feet at every turn with their silly demands and turned off the rest of the league in doing so. Look at what you gave up to get Howard Lakers....Do you think for one minute that any sensible team with a sensible GM would have made a trade like this and got what the Magic got for the young and athletic "best center" in the league? Do you really believe this Mitch? Yeah its good for you to say I'll take my chances at this point. Few should be fool by this mirage of a swag by you Mitch. Oh, maybe I'm wrong on my take being that some many optimists and Magic fans alike really thought the Magic were so upstanding in their silly position of "I'm not trying to accomodate Dwight" attitude and we got all the time in the world to figure this thing out. "We're playing hardball and we'll get all the draft picks and good players we believe we need if we're giving up Howard". How'd that work out for ya Magic?

Mitch, stop it.........Mitch stop it with all this bravado and patting yourself on the back deal!

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August 13, 2012  09:33 AM ET

I think Lakers were fine with Bynum now they have Nash for 3 years. But Superman should work better for them next year, but lets see if they get to keep him.

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August 13, 2012  09:54 AM ET

He chose to leave though.

That was like living in the same house with your wife as you go through a could say he "chose" to leave or he had "had" to leave...semantics

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August 13, 2012  10:03 AM ET

He chose to leave though.

No matter what, he was gonna get the boot eventually with their constant fighting. By that time, Shaq's career was on the decline anyway while Kobe hadn't reached his full potential.


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