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Report: Cabrera created fake website, product to avoid drug suspension


09:23 AM ET 08.19 | In a bizarre attempt to avoid a 50-game drug suspension, San Francisco Giants star Melky Cabrera created a fictitious website and a nonexistent product designed to prove he inadvertently took the banned substance that caused a positive test under Major League Baseball's drug program. But instead of exonerating Cabrera of steroid use, the Internet stunt trapped him in a web of lies. Amid the information-gathering phase of his doping case last month, his cover story unraveled quickly, and what might have been a simple suspension has attracted further attention from federal investigators and MLB, the Daily News has learned. Famed steroid cop Jeff Novitzky, a criminal investigative agent for the Food & Drug Administration, and agents from MLB's Department of Investigation have begun looking into Cabrera's associates and his entourage, including trainers, handlers and agents, as they search for the source of the synthetic testosterone that appeared in a sample of the All-Star Game MVP's urine. The idea, apparently, was to lay a trail of digital breadcrumbs suggesting Cabrera had ordered a supplement that ended up causing the positive test, and to rely on a clause in the collectively bargained drug program that allows a player who has tested positive to attempt to prove he ingested a banned substance through no fault of his own.

New York Daily News

Melky Cabrera, Icon SMI Melky Cabrera, Icon SMI
August 19, 2012  09:28 AM ET

Cheaters Never Prosper, Bro.

Comment #2 has been removed
August 19, 2012  09:35 AM ET

it is going to be hilarious if he wins the batting title.

As funny as another Giant being the home run king.

August 19, 2012  09:38 AM ET

Shame on You Melky!!! You've labeled yourself forever!!

Comment #5 has been removed
August 19, 2012  09:52 AM ET

Melky, Melky, Melky....

August 19, 2012  09:54 AM ET

it is going to be hilarious if he wins the batting title.

He's not gonna qualify for it. Need 502 ABs, he only has 459.

August 19, 2012  09:58 AM ET

He's not gonna qualify for it. Need 502 ABs, he only has 459.

It's PA, not AB. He has 501. Under the "Tony Gwynn rule", they give him one out (as though he got an out in his 502nd PA) and he qualifies.

Comment #9 has been removed
August 19, 2012  10:01 AM ET

Since Melky has tried to make a **** out of MLB and their drug testing program, it is fitting for MLB to let him watch the whole 13 season in street clothes or maybe prison uniforms.

August 19, 2012  10:02 AM ET

He can't. He won't qualify for it. Need 502 ABs to be eligible, he only had 459.

August 19, 2012  10:11 AM ET

it is going to be hilarious if he wins the batting title.

Stay hot Andrew.

Comment #13 has been removed
August 19, 2012  10:35 AM ET

There is the batting title, AND what about the All Star game? Is that not a tainted affair?

Comment #15 has been removed
August 19, 2012  10:41 AM ET

I get tired of the attempts at cheating by these guys. Fifty games apparently isn't that big a deal to some of them. Also, it didn't help that Ryan Braun got out of his punishment.Make the first offense an 81-game suspension, and the second one a 162-game penalty. See if that helps.


Melky cost himself big money by getting caught, but what if he didn't get caught?

August 19, 2012  10:41 AM ET

not sure why you say that?he failed, they have a policy in place....he will do the time and then he will be back and will get paid again.I mean guys get caught all the time in all sports- why are baseball guys the only ones who get vilified ?

America's game?

August 19, 2012  10:51 AM ET

what about the all-star game? is that bogus too?

August 19, 2012  11:09 AM ET

He once played with ARod, right? just sayin

August 19, 2012  11:21 AM ET

Just another of the SF Juicers to get caught. They should change the random testing to mandatory bi-weekly testing, and make the first offense a full season, the second offense a lifetime ban and loss of pension.


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