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'The book' on getting Harper out


08:09 AM ET 08.22 | There may be more to Bryce Harper's slump, which has included going 0-for-9 with five Ks over Monday and Tuesday, than the rigors of his first MLB season. Since his 0-for-7 day against the New York Yankees on June 16, when Yankees pitchers fed him breaking stuff throughout the 14-inning affair and punched him out five times, Harper has hit .221/.294/.343 as other teams followed that same approach. Harper's longstanding difficulty with "soft away" -- off-speed pitches thrown over or just off the outer half of the plate -- remains an issue for him, but in trying to adjust to hit those pitches, he's become more vulnerable to fastballs in, on or under his hands.

Bryce Harper, Getty Images Bryce Harper, Getty Images
August 22, 2012  08:42 AM ET

Well, he's still a young prospect. He'll adjust.

August 22, 2012  08:50 AM ET

Gee, what a surprise that he can't hit major league off-speed pitching....what 19 yr old can? And he has hit 12 Hrs so far. Not bad, wouldn't you say.

August 22, 2012  08:52 AM ET

Swinging from the heals, slow him down!!!!

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August 22, 2012  09:08 AM ET

He's good but still shouldn't be NL rookie of the year, unless its a popularity vote. Todd Frazier beats him in every catagory its not even close.

August 22, 2012  09:26 AM ET

Gee, what a surprise that he can't hit major league off-speed pitching....what 19 yr old can?

Mike Trout.

August 22, 2012  09:29 AM ET

I don't remember which AB it was last night, but it was one of the worst ABs I've seen in a while. The pitcher just fed him a handful of pitches low and away and he flailed at them.

I hope he's able to make the adjustments needed.

August 22, 2012  10:09 AM ET

He's gotta stay back, keep the hands back, look for the fastball and with the hands back you can still adjust to the off speed stuff.

August 22, 2012  10:34 AM ET

Once he figures that pitch out, he'll be crushing them.

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August 22, 2012  11:05 AM ET

Mike Trout.

Trout is 21.

August 22, 2012  11:50 AM ET

send him down for a bite.....guarantee it will light a fire in him

August 22, 2012  12:14 PM ET

Well, he's still a young prospect. He'll adjust.

it takes time to gain experience, it takes time to endure and harper should know by now that to be playing in the majors its nothing easy...

August 22, 2012  12:15 PM ET

Once he figures that pitch out, he'll be crushing them.

discipline its part of the patience plan, the game approach means be ready when its right at your face,,,,,

August 22, 2012  12:16 PM ET

discipline and patience and good eye-hand cordinatiom could benefit harper in much needed advice,,,

August 22, 2012  12:17 PM ET

jay buhner should pay a visit to the mariners organization who knows he should applied as a hitter intructor,,,

August 22, 2012  12:18 PM ET

edgar martinez its expected to show himself in the mariners team as a manager's assistant,,,

August 22, 2012  12:19 PM ET

mariners should be ready in next season just saying,,,

August 22, 2012  12:20 PM ET

the year 2000 mariners were a tough team and they were able to crush records,,,

August 22, 2012  12:21 PM ET

the mariners are much better team without too many big stars as a players...


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