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Bosh: Lakers have NBA's best team 'on paper'


09:02 AM ET 08.25 | It's been two weeks since the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic, which at least has given Chris Bosh time to collect his thoughts. "As soon as the deal happened, my brain went 100 miles an hour to another place,And now that he has collected his thoughts, where does he view the Lakers in terms of his own championship team? His candid answer caught hosts Steve Goldstein and Adam Kuperstein a bit off guard. "The Lakers, I think, right now, I mean on paper, they probably have the best team in the West and probably the league right now," he said. "On paper. I'm saying on paper. But it's a lot, a lot, it's a long season. And the best team always isn't the one who starts out the season as the best team. "We know we're the champs, but we have to start off from scratch. We have a lot of chemistry building to do. And we have to come out there and we have to start over. We know favorites and all that stuff really doesn't matter."

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Chris Bosh, Icon SMI Chris Bosh, Icon SMI
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August 25, 2012  09:38 AM ET

Exactly the right thing to say Chris. You don't need any bulletin board material this early.

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August 25, 2012  10:14 AM ET

Boshtrich is just putting the pressure on Lakers, good for him.

The fact is, Miami will has a bullseye on their back ALL season regardless.

August 25, 2012  10:16 AM ET

Let The Games Begin, Bro.

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August 25, 2012  10:27 AM ET

Would love to see a team other than Heat and Lakers win next year.

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August 25, 2012  10:29 AM ET


That would be Karma

August 25, 2012  10:34 AM ET

It's called reverse psychology.But let's not forget, you thought the heat had pressure on them, at least the heat had a 2 year window to win it all.The lakers better win it all or its a bust season.Nobody is afraid of the lakers, the pistons sure weren't when they had 4 all stars back then.

I'm a diehard Knicks fan as you very well know. It is simply astonishing how Heat fans and only Heat fans seem to think they have a powerhouse team and are pretty close to being a lock to win it all again. To issue a scare notice to the Lakers in terms of saying you're not scared of them is quite frankly unabashed bravado by Heat fans. Here's a little revelation for ya if ya don't know. Dwight Howard will simply eat Miami alive in the paint and is a staunt defense presence for one Lebron layup city, not to mention Metta with little piece in the world presence as well. Then you have the never scare to take a big shot Kobe, along with Gasol and Nash..........simply put, Lebron won't be able to guard them all. So Heat fans keeping running off at the mouth cause when reality set in this year, you'll be kindly and quickly reminded that without the assist from the league (refs) that you got last season won't duplicate itself. You Heat fans can continue to be in steadfast denail about the assists you received if you want but it will be a different story this year. As quiet as its kept, exactly no one in the east are particularly scared of the Heat and you will indeed have a lotta stiff challenges this upcoming season. Enjoy you ring while you can cause in the east this year, it will be no cake walk to the finals........I thought after last year Heat fans would have gathered as's a little advice, saviour your ring and keep quiet with the you don't scare nobody this and that. Now thats some real $hitt for your ****!

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August 25, 2012  10:35 AM ET

Bosh: Lakers have NBA's best team 'on paper'

Sorry Chris but the Lakers have the 'best' team period. If he lived in LA he would know that the Lakers inspire more passion from Angelenos than any other professional team in town. There is no better feeling than when our beloved Lakers win an NBA title.

Chris Bosh basically gave a politically correct answer to a loaded question. To answer any other way would have been ill advised. Will the Lakers win? Who knows? I am not even sure that they are the best team in the West.

I do know that it is tough to repeat. Miami will have their hands full this year as every team will bring their 'A' game when playing the Heat. There is nothing better than for players to be able to say that they beat the defending champions.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 25, 2012  10:36 AM ET

Let The Games Begin, Bro.


August 25, 2012  10:38 AM ET




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