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More Canadian teams in MLS?


10:12 AM ET 08.25 | Could Major League Soccer thrive in Canada's capital? The Conference Board of Canada certainly thinks so in an analysis of Canada's future sporting scene, published Thursday. The study, authored by the board's chief economist Glen Hodgson with Mario Lefebvre, maps out the potential expansion of pro sports franchises over the next 23 years in Canada, and calls Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary "sound options for MLS over the long term."

Toronto Sun

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August 25, 2012  01:31 PM ET

Please, MLS, change to an August-May schedule with a winter break before you expand that much more...

August 25, 2012  03:55 PM ET

An August to May schedule makes zero financial sense for MLS. The prospects for competing with fans, both in stadium attendance, and more importantly on the TV, while competing head to head with Pro Football, College Football, Basketball and the NHL would crush the league.

Nobody wants to go to soccer games in American during the cold of winter. An our winters are both more severe, and longer lasting in terms of impactful weather than any of the European countries that use the true August-May schedule. Can you imaging outdoor games in the likes of Toronto, Montreal and Chicago during about 4 months from mid-November through at least February? The sound of the silence would be deffening. Fans on the other hand love flocking to games in the beautiful summer sunshine. Even on a hot day in the South, the ~2 hour game duration is very doable for fans.

August 26, 2012  06:52 AM ET

As a Canadian and MLS fan I can say there is no way any of the three cities mentioned would support an MLS team. I live in Calgary and in the last ten years we have lost a Triple-A baseball team, an A-League soccer team (which had zero support) and an independent league baseball team which was also ignored by the public. Edmonton's current soccer team has luke warm support and Ottawa never fully supported the return of the CFL and isn't all that enthusiastic about it's upcoming third kick at the can. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have long soccer histories and at least twice the population of the other three cities so the sport can thrive in those venues.

August 28, 2012  02:51 PM ET

Please, MLS, change to an August-May schedule with a winter break before you expand that much more...

Because you want MLS to fail?

August 29, 2012  11:54 AM ET

Going back 30 years or so, the Edmonton Drillers did ok (by NASL standards, particularly in its dying days), but the Calgary Boomers never caught on.

As far as Ottawa goes, they marginally support the Sens now; I think the 67s have a more rabid and loyal fan base. And, to echo what Trapper J said, Ottawa lost the AAA baseball team a few years back as well. The only thing the talk of a new soccer team would do is to justify rebuilding Frank Clair Stadium (to further justify bringing in another CFL team there).

MLS might be better suited just to stay put with the teams they have now.

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September 20, 2012  08:41 AM ET

When will Toronto get a pro team?


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