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Red Sox suspend Alfredo Aceves after Bobby Valentine argument


10:42 AM ET 08.26 | The Red Sox announced Saturday that they have suspended reliever Alfredo Aceves for three games for conduct detrimental to the team. That suspension began Saturday and will run through Monday afternoon's game with the Royals. Aceves was visibly angry in the clubhouse after Friday night's win, which was closed out by Andrew Bailey. Aceves slammed the door on his way in and out of manager Bobby Valentine's office after the game. Valentine didn't disclose why exactly Aceves was suspended, but he did say "it might have had something to do with" Bailey getting the save opportunity instead of Aceves. Aceves had blown the save the night before, allowing five runs in an inning-plus and throwing 37 pitches. Valentine said there wasn't necessarily an argument between him and Aceves.

The Providence Journal

Bobby Valentine, Icon SMI Bobby Valentine, Icon SMI
August 26, 2012  10:44 AM ET

Time To Cool Off, Bro.

August 26, 2012  10:52 AM ET

Alfredo, your not good enough to be a diva.

Comment #3 has been removed
August 26, 2012  11:16 AM ET

Booby V, the V stands for vengeance.

August 26, 2012  11:18 AM ET

Has Bobby V been tested for roids?

August 26, 2012  11:30 AM ET

The RedSox are pleased to introduce their new pitching coach, John Rocker.

August 26, 2012  12:08 PM ET

Bobby Knute Valentine: We lost with you, we can lose just as well without you, always remember that; now get out there and above all try not to embarrass yourself too much. Oh yeah and as God is my witness I will find out who filled my cap with greasy chicken bones and soaked all my underwear in beer.

August 26, 2012  12:16 PM ET

I hate to support management in any way, but in this case--keep Valentine, get rid of everyone else. And that starts with Pedroia and Ortiz--ship them out.

August 26, 2012  12:21 PM ET

Mark you calendars: Sunday September 16 is "Pitch an inning for the Sox ??" day, prior to each inning, a fan in the stadium will be randomnly selected to "Pitch an inning for the Sox ??". Stay tuned for future announcements including "Play first base for an inning for the Sox ??" day.

August 26, 2012  12:26 PM ET

Might be time to put Aceves on the old waiver wire.

August 26, 2012  12:28 PM ET

yanks will pick him up if he's put on waivers

August 26, 2012  12:37 PM ET

yanks will pick him up if he's put on waivers

I'm sure somebody else will put in a claim long before the Yankees get a chance.

August 26, 2012  01:30 PM ET

Alfredo, your not good enough to be a diva.

He's barely good enough to be on the roster.

August 26, 2012  02:30 PM ET

Are they back to "25 players, 25 taxiis?"

August 26, 2012  02:32 PM ET

A quarter-mil salary dump of true stars; a suspended player for three days who apparently didn't even argue much with his boss; guess that team won't be calling any more mid-season team mtgs to complain about anything, will they?

August 26, 2012  03:27 PM ET

Alfredo, your not good enough to be a diva.

More importantly Bobby is taking control of the team.

August 26, 2012  03:29 PM ET

yanks will pick him up if he's put on waivers

He was never cloer material, he is a good middle reliever, when his change is working.

August 26, 2012  03:40 PM ET

You have no right to complain when you are tied for the American League lead with 7 blown saves.

August 26, 2012  03:41 PM ET

Conversation in Bobby's office:
Aceves: "Why didn't I get the chance for the save tonight"?
Valentine: "Because I decided to use Bailey"
Aceves: Why not me"?
Valentine: "Because I said so--get out of here, and don't let the door hit you in the **** on the way out"!

August 26, 2012  03:42 PM ET

More importantly Bobby is taking control of the team.

Looks as if managment is giving him the green light to bring a new sheriff to town!


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