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Drummond was 'a beast' at Las Vegas camp


08:11 AM ET 08.27 | Good news, Pistons fans. Greg Monroe told that rookie Andre Drummond was a "beast on the boards" during a recent camp in Las Vegas. Drummond, who turned 19 this month, wouldn't go that far, but he appreciated the compliment. But Drummond did say attending longtime NBA assistant Tim Grgurich's camp was time well spent. "There was nobody in the gym; it was just us playing basketball, and it was great," Drummond said. "I was just trying to get better as a player. I wasn't trying to do anything to crazy. I was just trying to get out there to work on things I need to work on to become a better player." Drummond attended the camp with teammates Monroe and Brandon Knight.

Detroit Free Press

Joe Dumars, Getty Images Joe Dumars, Getty Images
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August 27, 2012  09:56 AM ET

Unleash Your Inner Beast, Bro!

August 27, 2012  10:05 AM ET

Whatever dude, Pistons are in serious trouble. No strategy for future or present.

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August 27, 2012  10:26 AM ET

Everybody's a 'beast in August. Somewhere around the first week of November most of them disappear.

August 27, 2012  10:41 AM ET

Whatever dude, Pistons are in serious trouble. No strategy for future or present.

Oh there is a strategy for the future or maybe you just havent been paying attention....It is to keep letting teams pass good players by in the daft and then cash in LMAO No really we are headed in the right direction but are a few years away.

August 27, 2012  10:42 AM ET

This kid just turned 19 yoa about 2 weeks ago.

6'11" - 270LB (down from 295) - 7'6 1/2" wingspan

That kind of size with the athletism he poccesses is formadible.

But as's gonna be about his 'motor'.....will he bring strong & consistant effort every game, start to finish......

August 27, 2012  11:05 AM ET

In summer camps, almost every players is a beast.

August 27, 2012  11:18 AM ET

It looks like they're on the right track.... As long as Dumars doesn't mess things up and trade away some of their young assets... Why da hell is Tayshawn still on the team... get rid of him already...

That's what my point is.
- wtf is Prince doing still?
- is Joe still the answer for future?
- build from drafts or be a player in FA?
- is there a long term strategy at the HC position?

Now I DON'T follow Pistons regularly during off season, but doesn't look like those questions have clear answers.

August 27, 2012  12:14 PM ET

In summer camps, almost every players is a beast.

August 27, 2012  02:08 PM ET

The season starting will bring him back to real life, he's a Piston

August 27, 2012  04:01 PM ET

Second coming of "The worm" perhaps? Piston fans can only hope...

August 27, 2012  06:18 PM ET

If he can develop quickly the pistons have some good young bigs in monroe and drummond. DONT trade them away.

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August 28, 2012  11:22 AM ET

Going against 6-6 guys and high school kids is not the same as playing against NBA players.

You should know that Tim Grgurich's camp is not for high school kids. He teaches them the NBA game as opposed to them relying on what they were taught (or not taught in most cases) in high school or college. They are paired wih players of their position and just go at it. This the same that is done in Chicago with Tim Grover and in LA with Athletes Performance and i'm sure other places. Plus this kid hasn't played ball in months so he needs to play as much as possible since training camp opens soon. You never want to be the one used as an example of how not to be in shape for the NBA.

August 28, 2012  02:12 PM ET

Going against 6-6 guys and high school kids is not the same as playing against NBA players.

The camp was for NBA players and NBA wannabes.

In other words.....mostly a bunch of fringe players are are 10th on the bench.....or worse, trying to improve their 'game'.

August 28, 2012  02:13 PM ET

You should know.......

^^^^Exactly what this gentleman stated!^^^^

August 28, 2012  07:03 PM ET

First off, since the "Beast" comment was coming from Greg Monroe, I would assume that Monroe was also at the camp. If so, then that is terrific news. Monroe is already a fairly polished, yet young, big man himself, but to see him working with the young rook is terrific. Drummond was a dream pick for the Pistons at #8. Heading into the draft they wanted a defensive minded big man to pair with Monroe. They wanted someone to slot in at center, so Monroe could spend more time at PF. Nobody expected Drummond to fall in the draft, but when he did, it seemed like a no-brainer, based on potential alone.
While Drummond is totally raw, he does have worlds of potential. He is already a beast as an on the ball post defender, with excellent defensive timing for blocks in these situations. While Monroe is a nice offensive big, Drummond represents the defensive pairing that Detroit has needed for some time. Together they could form a nice duo over time.
Detroit obviously is not going to contend this year or next, but what they are looking for is to grow through the draft. The hopes in Detroit is that with the last three drafts yielding Drummond, Brandon Knight, and Greg Monroe, Detroit could have the young talent that may develop into a playoff quality roster. Other youngs Austin Daye, Kim English, and Jonas Jarekbo all seem to figure into long term depth. While Joe D has been bashed a lot for things ranging from Darko to the summer of Charlie V and Ben G, the last three drafts have been solid. Now these kids just need to grow together.
Lastly, the fact that Drummond is attending a camp to develop his potential is great news. It is exactly what this kid needs. With Drummond, we all need to remember he just turned 19 years old earlier this month. Remember a yound Andrew Bynum? This kid will be better as a rookie.


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