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Dodgers TV deal may be worth $8.5 billion


08:15 AM ET 08.27 | If Los Angeles' shopping spree seemed extravagant by taking on Boston's salary shedding, consider the money that will soon flow to the Dodgers. [When] Dodgers chairman Mark Walter said [last week] that the team could still take on significant money, his inspiration not only stemmed from a combination of his deep pockets, Magic Johnson's infectious passion for success, and Stan Kasten's savvy baseball acumen. Mr. Walter's penchant for spending is also being fueled by the comfort of knowing that the Dodgers will soon see an explosive increase in their local/regional TV revenues when their current deal expires in 2013 that could reach as high as $8.5 billion over the next 20 years.


Matt Kemp, Getty Images Matt Kemp, Getty Images
August 27, 2012  08:59 AM ET

A- That is the highest figure of the possibilities.
B- Could be half that figure
C- My guess is that in the year 2032 a billion Dollars isn't what it used to be.

hate that spinny thing

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August 27, 2012  11:47 AM ET

the angels got some type of TV deal,,, but i had see them twice this year and those two games were on the 360 espn,,,, i guess i would never be able to watch this halos again why? because everything is through cable and i refuse to pay cable just to watch angels games,,,

August 27, 2012  11:50 AM ET

nothing should come cheap,,, the dodgers do have a local channel, channel 9 would likely telivise the dodgers games,,, but the angels don't have any local channels, channels 13 use to be the angels channels but i guess not any more,,,

August 27, 2012  11:53 AM ET

dissapointed team??? that's a simple question, the answer its the angels, this team kept diving back to fist base the whole season, lack of pitching? remember before the halos had the lack of pitching the offense was the #1 in lack of offense and when the pitching start to falling apart it was heavily in part because their catcher is not good enough behind the plate,,,

August 27, 2012  11:55 AM ET

while the halos offense remains at sleep the owner/GM/manager shouldn't expect anything new,, unless the hitting coach become barry bonds or eddie murray,,

August 27, 2012  01:36 PM ET

C- My guess is that in the year 2032 a billion Dollars isn't what it used to be.

Inflation is a b|7ch, ain't it?

August 27, 2012  03:22 PM ET

Inflation is a b|7ch, ain't it?

I would venture that 20 years from now there will be players with billion dollar contracts.

August 27, 2012  03:41 PM ET

Just call them the Evil Empire West.

August 27, 2012  05:37 PM ET

Magic Johnson's infectious what?
Ruh Roh

August 27, 2012  05:38 PM ET

Just call them the Evil Empire West.

No one else qualifies as an empire...lets get a couple of dynastys then teams can start comparing themselves....upstarts...

August 27, 2012  06:13 PM ET

Inflation is a b|7ch, ain't it?

Soon cost a billion to get a tank of gas,

August 27, 2012  07:25 PM ET

I'll bet George S is spinning like the spinny thing in his grave knowing the Dodgers are now mirroring his beloved Yanks.....(muaahahahahahaa)

August 27, 2012  07:34 PM ET

They are just in it to make money, even if they say it's about winning World Series. If they wanted to win World Series they would follow the Cardinals model.

August 27, 2012  10:28 PM ET

Why are All the People in Boston Smiling?


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