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NFL in L.A. no sure thing ... yet


08:06 AM ET 08.28 | Nearly since the NFL left Los Angeles, its return has been a topic of speculation. And here it comes again, competing stadium proposals elbowing for the spotlight, teams making it known they are unhappy in their current cities, and now the head of the league's stadium committee, Pittsburgh Steelers President Art Rooney II -- typically shy to crank up the hype machine -- predicting an imminent NFL return to L.A. "I would think that, within five years, L.A. would have a team," Rooney recently told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I wouldn't be surprised if it's two teams." ... Are we thisclose to getting a team? No. Until the right deal's on the table, the NFL isn't putting a team here. And the right deal is not on the table.

Los Angeles Times

Roger Goodell, Getty Images Roger Goodell, Getty Images
August 28, 2012  08:09 AM ET

We are more interested in real refs working the games, not continually speculating about L.A. Do not CARE!!!!

August 28, 2012  08:12 AM ET

Jacksonville. The Shiekh has no attachment to Jacksonville. His home base is Urbana, Illinois, where he owns an auto parts manufacturer.

I'm guessing he would love to move himself and the team to LA, join the Beautiful People and become the Chic Shiekh.

August 28, 2012  08:16 AM ET

Get a different photo of Goodell. I'm tired of seeing him at choir practice.

August 28, 2012  08:19 AM ET

The NFL likes it as it is, with no LA team. This way, every owner that wants another sweetheart stadium deal can threaten to move there.

LA likes it. There are no TV blackouts, or limits on how many games are shown on Sunday. Plus, they'd rather do something else than go to a football game (or, if they do, they go see USC play).

So, what's the problem here?

August 28, 2012  08:23 AM ET

I think what will happen is the Rams wont get a new stadium. They leave. The city pushes to get football back in STL and the propose a new stadium. The Jags move to STL.

August 28, 2012  08:29 AM ET

Rooney is going to move the Steelers to LA????

August 28, 2012  08:35 AM ET

Rooney is going to move the Steelers to LA????

He wants to move the Ravens to LA, I'd suspect, and then move a weak team like the Rams into the AFC North.

August 28, 2012  08:39 AM ET

Rooney is going to move the Steelers to LA????

No how.

August 28, 2012  08:40 AM ET

No need to rush. We're talking LA here...the nations second largest media market.

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August 28, 2012  08:51 AM ET

Goodell will lock out the LA fans until he gets what he wants.

August 28, 2012  08:54 AM ET

We are more interested in real refs working the games

Listen to him, Roger.

What else has the Commish had to do this offseason? Having a deal in place for the officials prior to pre-season should have been his job, and he didn't get it done.

August 28, 2012  09:04 AM ET

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me thrice, ugh....

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August 28, 2012  09:13 AM ET

Ahhh. Preseason. When autumn colors are in the air, who plays QB in Seattle matters and an LA team is the subject of speculation.

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August 28, 2012  09:27 AM ET

"The Right Deal" = a taxpayer funded stadium and an owner willing to fork up a two billion dollar franchise fee.

August 28, 2012  09:40 AM ET

Rams will stay in St. Louis until St. Louis decides they leave. Go ask the Cards. The fans weren't happy with the product and the fans themselves rallied to ensure that they took the Cardinals out of St. Louis.

I remember that vividly. People were openly challenging folks as to why they would want to attend the games. It kind of made me sad, because I had friends on that team. But even before they left, St. Louis fans were speculating on their NEXT team.

August 28, 2012  09:43 AM ET

No Big Loss, Bros.


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