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Virginia deal off table for Kings?


08:09 AM ET 08.29 | Kings fans can breathe a small sigh of relief, as it seems Virginia Beach won't poach the franchise. City officials and a sports and entertainment firm released a preliminary plan Tuesday to build a new sports arena a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean beaches. The plan was short on details. No financing plan or firm price tag for the facility has been compiled. No developer has signed on. It's unclear how much the public would have to chip in. And there's already talk of a ballot measure asking voters if they even like the idea. Most notably for Kings fans, the proposal did not include even a mention of potential sports tenants for the facility.

Sacramento Bee

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August 29, 2012  08:37 AM ET

Happy 43rd Birthday to Mick Jr.

August 29, 2012  08:47 AM ET

Having lived in Virginia before, I'd be shocked if they could pull off building this facility, much less poaching a team away from a city where far more viable options exist.

August 29, 2012  09:04 AM ET

in other words...NO story!

August 29, 2012  09:05 AM ET

If They Build It Will You Go, Bros?

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August 29, 2012  09:50 AM ET

Off? The Va deal was never on. The items listed as to what needs to be done say it all.

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August 29, 2012  11:02 AM ET

Virginia Kings? Sounds like a macho version of a womans cigarette...

August 29, 2012  11:02 AM ET

Was a deal ever on the table? If the economy is bad in Sacramento, I don't know if the economy is any better in Virginia Beach. That entire area is mainly supported by the military; and with the military talking about or considering a draw down in force size; I don't believe that the economy will be any better in Virginia Beach. Besides, Washington plays north of Virginia Beach and Charlotte plays south of Virginia Beach; neither of those teams win very many games, with that considered, your plan is to place another losing organization in the middle and have a sandwich of three losing teams.

August 29, 2012  12:31 PM ET

I think they should retro it to the days of the Kansas City-Omaha Kings.

August 29, 2012  01:12 PM ET

Virginia Kings? Sounds like a macho version of a womans cigarette...


Sounds like a lame attempt by the city to woo the Kings. A "sports and entertainment" firm....the "CEO" probably still lives with his Mom and his claim to fame is putting together parties at clubs.

August 29, 2012  04:11 PM ET

I guess you would call this a failed bluff!!! Keep trying MNBA...

August 29, 2012  06:40 PM ET

Keeping the Kings in Sacramento is to the NBA what not having a team in LA is to the NFL. It's a BORING story to those of us who don't like in California, and I'm pretty sure most Californians really don't want to hear about it either.


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