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'Nellie' desperately wanted T-Wolves job


08:08 AM ET 08.30 | Don Nelson never did get his ring, but he'll take the Hall. Nelson, who is attending various functions in the Bay Area this week as a prelude to the Sept. 7 induction ceremonies in Springfield, Mass., enjoyed most of the NBA travel and even some of the travails. ... A few other Nelson offerings of note: He despises the isolation game he once so effectively exploited; considers the European system of cutting, movement and passing as more appealing that the modern NBA diet of dribble-heavy, one-on-one play; regards his close friend, Gregg Popovich, as the league's premier coach; and admits that he desperately wanted the Minnesota Timberwolves job that went to Rick Adelman -- "I would love to have coached Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love" -- but insists his career victory total will stay at 1,335.

Sacramento Bee

Don Nelson, Getty Images Don Nelson, Getty Images
August 30, 2012  08:11 AM ET

Nelson is a vanishing breed in the NBA................


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August 30, 2012  09:02 AM ET

Desperate But Not Serious, Bro?

August 30, 2012  09:06 AM ET

I never believe coaches and players whom have been apart of the sport for long periods when they say "I want to retire and spend time with my family", what a bunch of **** and a play to the media. I remember when Michael Jordan was about to retire and he said "he wanted to spend time with his kids and help his wife out", all I can remember is how much time he was actually on the golf course and later divorced his wife.

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August 30, 2012  09:18 AM ET


Yep...............Old timers who played for the love of the game...........

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August 30, 2012  10:27 AM ET

Nelson is a vanishing breed in the NBA................SAD...........

Ur right..crusty old white guys...glad the tide has changed. Get some young blood in the league that the players can actually relate to. The same has happened in the NFL as more grandfathers coaching teams (with a few exceptions of course). Gimme a Doc Rivers, Scotty Brooks type anyday. (No disrespect to Popovich)

August 30, 2012  10:45 AM ET

Let's face it Nelson wasn't a great coach anyway. His main problem; he wasn't a great defensive coach, thats why he was only successful with teams that had players who already had a good understanding of defense. Minnesota is not that team

August 30, 2012  11:40 AM ET

Kahn finally made a smart move

Completely agree jgb. Getting/convincing/bribing Adelman to coach the wolves was huge.

August 30, 2012  11:46 AM ET

Adelman has also helped out on the FA front. He has guys that want to play here. Winter be dammed. BTW the winters are completely over-grandiosed up here. Granted, up here in MSP we are not considered a FA destination. To my surorise there have been players that have expressed interest. Not Howard, LBJ, Kobe types but at least 2nd tier guys. Which is a complete 180 from the days when NO ONE wanted to be here. Cant say i blamed them either.

August 30, 2012  03:46 PM ET

The mad scientist did pretty well as a head coach. At least he made the teams he coached relevant. Milwaukee, GS, Dallas, and back to GS. I couldn't mention the other team because he didn't last long there.

His match-up tricks got old when we realized that was all he had.

August 30, 2012  03:48 PM ET

Just couldnt pass up coaching talented white guys.

August 30, 2012  04:33 PM ET

Nelson "insists his career victory total will stay at 1,335."

True. Even if he came back to coach, it'd probably be true.

August 30, 2012  06:21 PM ET

I desperately wanted to coach the Heat, but alas, I have moved on.


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