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Young Braves pitcher drawing Maddux comparisons


08:22 AM ET 09.04 | Even if his scoreless streak was snapped at 34 2/3 innings Monday, Kris Medlen made his 25th career start another beauty, this one with 12 strikeouts. His was the longest scoreless-innings streak by a Braves starter since Greg Maddux had one of 39-1/3 innings in September 2000. Medlen still hasn't allowed an earned run in 37-2/3 consecutive innings or a homer in 48-2/3 innings. ... The Braves believed that Medlen would thrive in the rotation, but nobody thought he'd be quite so, as [Chipper Jones] put it, "Maddux-esque." "I would be lying to you if I said I expected this," [Fredi Gonzalez] said. "But when we talked about it in spring training, we knew that once he was in the rotation, it was going to be difficult to get him out."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Chipper Jones, Getty Images Chipper Jones, Getty Images
September 4, 2012  08:42 AM ET

You won't know if anybody is THAT good for years. Let the kid be himself and see what develops. It's a long, long nearly impossible road to 350 MLB victories.

September 4, 2012  08:46 AM ET

It is easy to compare people, but let the young man pitch for over 20 seasons and win over 300 games, and then you can say he is like Maddux.

September 4, 2012  09:27 AM ET

It is easy to compare people, but let the young man pitch for over 20 seasons and win over 300 games, and then you can say he is like Maddux.

Nort$Nutten but, Why dont we wait until he retires then we can compare funerals!!!!

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September 4, 2012  10:54 AM ET

his style of pitching is similar to Maddux. they had a side by side comparison of their deliveries and pitch location on the Braves broadcast yesterday....the resemblance is scary.

Medlen has been the bright spot in an otherwise 'iffy' rotation this season.

September 4, 2012  11:39 AM ET

Agreed, they're throwing the same ludicrous accolades at Bryce Harper too.

The difference is that Medlen is actually performing and has earned the accolades. Harper is a .250 hitter still being treated like the second coming.

September 4, 2012  11:59 AM ET

medlen hasn't started pitch no more than 8 games, wait by next year when he would be pitching every five days the hitters would read him much better and he shouldn't be able to strike too many hitters that easy!!!

September 4, 2012  12:52 PM ET

It's easy to get carried away but he does look awfully good.

September 4, 2012  02:30 PM ET

I've liked this kid since he first came up. His repertoire, size, attitude and general make-up does remind my of Maddux.

September 4, 2012  02:30 PM ET

Agreed, they're throwing the same ludicrous accolades at Bryce Harper too.

I haven't head anyone compare Harper to Maddux.

September 4, 2012  02:48 PM ET

wiseup: A pitcher has a few good games and allof a sudden he is heading for the hall of fame. Lets wait a few more games and about ten years into his career before we start making his plaque. maybe his delivery might be similar to maddox, but when he paints the black of the plate the whloe game, then maybe. However as he faces more teams and the hitters see more of him they will make adjustments. Over the rest of this year He will end up being a fair to Medlan pitcher.

September 4, 2012  05:16 PM ET

His style is similar to Maddux's. Pounds the strikezone with pinpoint accuracy, has the nasty 2 seamer to lefties, and though he racks up some strikeouts, he generally pitches to contact, which keeps his pitch count very manageable.

Nobody is saying he's the next Maddux.

September 4, 2012  06:57 PM ET

give him some time to see how durable he is

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September 5, 2012  08:53 AM ET

So much hate. Give the kid some credit for what he's accomplished. 34 consecutive scoreless innings? That's pretty durn'd impressive. I agree, it's too early to call him the next Maddux, but that kind of control for someone that young is amazing.....very Maddux-esque.

September 5, 2012  09:57 AM ET

It's not like this is 1st time he has pitched in the majors. The Braves have won his last 18 starts spanning 3 seasons. He was good before TJ surgery and he's even better now. He's not Maddux, but he is currently playing him on TV.

September 5, 2012  10:08 AM ET

I could of Sworn that was Chipper Jones Talking? What does he know? Take a look above at what all of the Geniuses Of Fan Nation have to Say Including Me! Really?


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