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Broncos LB Joe Mays suspended for tearing off Matt Schaub's ear


03:06 AM ET 09.26 | Denver Broncos linebacker Joe Mays lead with the crown of his helmet when he came at Texans quarterback Matt Schaub on Sunday and delivered a hit that ultimately cost Schaub a piece of his ear. As a result, the NFL has suspended Mays one full game for the illegal hit, meaning he'll be out for the Broncos contest next week against the Oakland Raiders.

Joe Mays, AP Photo/Jack Dempsey Joe Mays, AP Photo/Jack Dempsey
September 26, 2012  05:12 AM ET


September 26, 2012  05:16 AM ET

I'd be willing to bet that the replacement Refs didn't throw a flag on this play!

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September 26, 2012  07:14 AM ET

Damn his ear Bro ?

I heard that!

September 26, 2012  07:15 AM ET

Actually, they did. Successive personal foul penalties, if I remember right.

they have gotten very few right as everyone knows. Romo took a helmet to helmet hit and no call.

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September 26, 2012  07:32 AM ET

Is Joe Mays giggling in that photo?

nah..he's trying to figure out how much money this will cost him.

September 26, 2012  07:36 AM ET


proud moment <LOL>

September 26, 2012  07:39 AM ET

Like I said yesterday , he's got another ear whats the big deal.....

September 26, 2012  07:41 AM ET

nah..he's trying to figure out how much money this will cost him.

Actually, he was trying to pick his nose --- and missed!

September 26, 2012  07:47 AM ET

Is Joe Mays giggling in that photo?

it's only funny till someone loses an eye....or an ear!

September 26, 2012  07:56 AM ET

He deserves the fine and suspension!!!

September 26, 2012  07:58 AM ET

I saw the play and to me, I didn't see anything intentional or flagrant. The NFL after making the game soft as baby turds, you know have a slew of crybaby fans acting like this was some kinda big hit. I beg to differ. Texans and crybaby fans you have to play your way to a championship, not whine. Eli was a victim of say a rather unsavory play, but you didn't hear him up in the media face crying. Coughlin went right to the source and bitched his **** out man to man and end of story. But no, Matty Boy, yeah, you know the one that everyone is sayin he's so tough. He didn't take the position of "the play is over, the league will review it and take the necessary action", "so lets move on, next question". No, that not his postion. His position is let me let it brew and have the media and crybaby fans make somethin outta nothin. Putzs!

September 26, 2012  08:11 AM ET

Somebody was at FN putting this post up at 3AM? And there was one after midnight Sunday night, too. You have to wonder if they're moving operations to India, Pakistan or maybe...Thailand?

Mr. Steeler, any comments?

September 26, 2012  08:38 AM ET

Good thing he didn't hit him in the groin.

September 26, 2012  11:12 AM ET

Good thing he didn't hit him in the groin.

Wonder if the ref would have picked up Mr. Twinkie if it was laying on the field.

September 26, 2012  12:40 PM ET

proud moment <LOL>

Yes, because it happens so rarely for me.

But if post keep happening after midnight I might have a shopt at a few more..... 8^D

September 26, 2012  01:24 PM ET

he took that hit Like A Boss!

September 27, 2012  12:51 AM ET

I dont know at all if i'm correct in this but to me it seems like helmets are flying off all the time this season?? are these Nike helmets working?? I have watched 7 games so far this season and it sure seems to me like players losing helmets on hits is more common place this season? so I guess my point is would have his ear been cut up if he was wearing last years uni's???


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