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Elton Brand: New Mavs could equal Williams-Howard impact


09:00 AM ET 09.29 | Dwight Howard's name came up several times Friday as Elton Brand fielded questions at Mavericks Media Day. After the Mavericks fell short of signing free agent point guard Deron Williams, Brand, a 6-9, 250-pound power forward, was claimed off of amnesty waivers in July. Howard was traded to the Lakers about a month later, meaning the Mavericks might have missed out on landing another superstar free agent if Howard elects to sign a long-term deal and stay in Los Angeles. Brand, who openly admitted that he has something to prove this season, was asked about being part of a group of newcomers -- which includes Darren Collison, Chris Kaman and O.J. Mayo -- that some will expect to fill the void left after the franchise didn't land Williams or Howard. "Those guys are two very big names, superstar players," Brand said. "I don't think one player can match what they're doing. Maybe we'll have to do it by committee and be solid all-around team and play our roles, these new guys. You say Dwight Howard and Deron Williams, I know we as a team, with the pieces we've put together, I feel we could match or get close to matching what they would've brought. But individually, I'm not Dwight Howard any more."

Dallas Morning News

Elton Brand, Jim Rogash/Getty Images Elton Brand, Jim Rogash/Getty Images
September 29, 2012  09:18 AM ET

You never was Dwiight................If I was a smoker, I would love to smoke somma that $hiit you on buddy. You've underachieved you entire a nutshell, you're a very rich and well paid fraud, perrenial spot role player that happens to be startin.

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September 29, 2012  09:36 AM ET

How is he supposed to answer that and why are they even asking him about Dwight to LA? It's like these journalists are taking jabs at Cuban though Elton.

Agreed. I doubt he actually thinks he was ever at Dwight's level.

September 29, 2012  09:39 AM ET

This guy must be joking. This Mavs R a second round playoff team don't look further to that. With that been said by me I will ignore whatever this dude have to say. Not even in his dreams the new guys will bring to the court what Howard or DWill can bring to the court.

September 29, 2012  10:19 AM ET

It Is Better To Keep Silent And Be Thought A Fool Than To Speak And Remove All Doubt, Bro.

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September 29, 2012  10:28 AM ET

We shall see...

September 29, 2012  10:45 AM ET

Dallas has a very different mix so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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September 29, 2012  11:34 AM ET

Jack learned to bold!!!!

Teach me, Tiger.

September 29, 2012  11:37 AM ET

You confuse me Mecca. I though you were Mick. Anyways, 4-6 seed would not be bad for a whole new team that's just been put together. These new players have a lot to prove and they will be playing for their future. That 1 year deal is a great advantage for Cuban. It takes total team effort to win a ring. Anyways I won't be surprise if the Clips and Grizz will climb to the top. Both teams are experienced now and they have the right pieces. Lakers will still have to gel and Howard might not be ready until December...

I agree. Mecca this is downright confusing. What's next? Is Mick going to become the Mick of Mecca?

September 29, 2012  11:39 AM ET

As a poster who calls out other posters on hating on your Melo Knicks, you tend to hate too

The big difference is people are reasonable to hate on Melo(noma) a cancer on a team.

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