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Would Jabari Parker skip college?


08:32 AM ET 10.09 | A change to missionary service may also change the college basketball landscape, thanks to Jabari Parker. It's no secret that Parker is a Mormon. That's why BYU was able to find a place in Parker's recently released list of top five schools. ... The way that the system was previously set up allowed for athletes -- and Mormon college students in general -- to go to school for a year before heading off on their two-year mission. But with the lowered age-requirements, that year in college is no longer required. ... NBA rules stipulate that a prospect has to be one year out of high school to enter the NBA Draft, but that one year doesn't have to be spent in college. If Parker goes on his two-year mission directly out of high school, would he go straight into the league afterwards?

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Jabari Parker, Icon Sports Jabari Parker, Icon Sports
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October 9, 2012  10:44 AM ET

2 morman threads today....need two ND threads tomorrow to show no religous bias

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October 9, 2012  02:06 PM ET

a black mormon makes Joe Smith do a flip in his grave.

Rare but becoming more common. What is really rare is a gay Mormon... let me re-phrase. What is really rare in an out-of-the closet gay Mormon!

October 9, 2012  02:13 PM ET

In many cases like this, the Mormon Church allows the kid to forgo the 2-year mission commitment because he can bring a lot of attention to the church by playing (Jimmer Fredette). And lets not forget the tithing... the church is in line to collect at least 10%, right off the top of his big pro contract. A year at BYU and off to the $$ of the NBA!

October 9, 2012  03:48 PM ET

Parker is going to Michigan State or Duke - my guess being Michigan State and will probably forfeit his two year mission abroad in favor of the NBA. Most Mormon men embark on their mission at 19 - which would give parker a year at a University if he were to go. I'd love to see him take a year - perform his mission - and then come back to that school for a year before going pro. That being said, I see him jumping straight to the NBA after a year at MSU and using his status as "the next Lebron James" (thanks SI for that premature comparison) to try and raise awareness for the Mormon faith here in America.

October 9, 2012  04:44 PM ET

a black mormon makes Joe Smith do a flip in his grave.

Don't be a moron (not to be confused with Mormon). Mormons were driven from Missouri in large part due to their anti slavery stance. The Union was evenly divided between slave and free states. The growing Mormon population in Missouri threatened to make Missouri a free state and unbalance the stalemate. Mobs came from all over the south to murder and drive them out under Govenor Linburn Boggs Extermination Order (legally authorized killing Mormons). There were black Mormons then, and there are many more now.

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October 10, 2012  06:28 PM ET

American History is pretty rough stuff.Lots of violence and killings all over the place.

but if it was legally authorized it was okay. I am fine with that

So therefore slimdiasy you are ok with the murder of 6 million Jews and 5 million others during the 30s and 40s? Because I remind you the holocaust was not only legally authorized but government sponsored. Or perhaps the American sponsored treatment of human beings as work animals during 1600s to 1860s?

October 10, 2012  06:33 PM ET

wonder if Parker has 4 girlfriends?? Jabari seems like a good solid Mormon name.

Last I checked the fastest way to get kicked out of Mormonism is to practice Polygamy.


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