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Questions raised about Ray Lewis


08:00 AM ET 10.12 | Until the second half, Ray Lewis was having a particularly bad day against the Chiefs this past week. Unable to shed blocks or consistently chase down backs in the open field, Lewis was repeatedly left grasping at air as Chiefs star runner Jamaal Charles sprinted around him to pile up 140 yards during the Ravens' 9-6 victory last Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. Like an aging heavyweight boxer who refuses to accept defeat, Lewis dusted himself off and played a major role in eventually halting Charles' runs and limiting him to 15 yards on 10 carries after halftime. It was an ugly performance overall for Lewis in Kansas City, though, raising concerns about whether the 37-year-old has declined significantly five games into his 17th NFL season.

The Baltimore Sun

Ray Lewis, Getty Images Ray Lewis, Getty Images
October 12, 2012  08:06 AM ET

Lewis is a product of having excellent big men in front of him (Adams, Siragusa, Ngota) that needed to be doubled which freed him up. But, father time catches up to us all, regardless of the help we get.

October 12, 2012  08:08 AM ET

he will go crazy this Sunday!

October 12, 2012  08:10 AM ET

But, father time catches up to us all, regardless of the help we get.

OK, it was only the Chiefs, but when you hold any NFL team to 6 points in a game, the defense has done its job.

As for Father Time, don't remind me.

October 12, 2012  08:14 AM ET

Didn't see the game, but you might want to give Lewis a pass on one bad half before you start writing him off. The whole defense is not playing up to Ravens standards, but it might not be his fault.

October 12, 2012  08:15 AM ET

he will go crazy this Sunday!

This I do fear.

October 12, 2012  08:22 AM ET

This I do fear.

Have faith, Otis. Any given Sunday.

Or Thursday, as we have discovered.

October 12, 2012  08:27 AM ET

I didn't get to see the Chiefs game, but he has looked pretty good in the games that I have seen him play on TV this season.

October 12, 2012  08:31 AM ET

Losing Suggs made the whole unit weaker.

But, the Ravens have given up only 89 points in 5 games, and the're leading their division. Not too shabby for bunch of beat-up old men.

October 12, 2012  08:34 AM ET

Have faith, Otis. Any given Sunday.Or Thursday, as we have discovered.

Not this week. That Cowboy o-line against that Ravens defense...UGLY!!!

October 12, 2012  08:37 AM ET

Ray Lewis finds that it's not as easy to stop a guy when you don't have a knife...

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October 12, 2012  09:09 AM ET

They have only played one good team/offense, New England and they gave up 30 points in that one. It should have been more, but the Ravens fans masquerading as replacement refs helped them out a bit. Hell they even lost to Philly and the Eagles suck.

Agree completely.

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October 12, 2012  09:41 AM ET

Footsteps...............I don't think they hear them as loudly Ray as they once heard them. 17yrs at a frantic pace, somethin gotta give somma the time.

October 12, 2012  09:45 AM ET

You described Jack Lambert with the first part of your sentence. Benefitted from Mean Joe, Fat Holmes, and others on that Pitt line.

that would be LC Greenwood and Dwight White.

Backers Ham & Lambert,

D Backs, Blount & Shell, justa name a few!

October 12, 2012  09:45 AM ET

Of course he's slowed down at 37; his value as a leader of the defense still persists, and he's an emotional leader of a team that is not as talented as many opponents but is more emotionally committed to winning then most of them.


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