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Why Blatche chose No. 0


08:10 AM ET 10.16 | Andray Blatche may not want to talk about his past, but he's not forgetting it, either. The Nets reserve forward, in fact, is using it as motivation. The 6-foot-11 Syracuse product chose to wear No. 0 after signing with Brooklyn, a reminder of the amount of support he felt he had after the Wizards used the amnesty clause to rid themselves of the remainder of his three-year, $23 million contact. "Everybody thought I was going to be out of the league," Blatche said. "Zero reminds me I didn't have any support system outside of my immediate family, nobody who thought I was going to bounce back and get on another team." Blatche's seven years with the Wizards were tumultuous, a mix of unrealized potential and questions surrounding his maturity.

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Andray Blatche (with Washington), Icon Sports Andray Blatche (with Washington), Icon Sports
October 16, 2012  08:17 AM ET

23 Million contract? I wouldn't say that's Zero! I'm sure his posse told him how good he was.

October 16, 2012  08:34 AM ET

Maybe if he wasn't a malcontent pain in the rear, he'd still be in Washington, probably starting. Fools like this are what's really killing the NBA. Between him and McGee, I wonder if the two of them combined had the IQ of a second grader. Washington did well to get rid of both of them.

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October 16, 2012  08:39 AM ET

See that is the underlying problem with him.....and guys like him. And it drives me tracking bonkersHe is a grown man, there IS NO support system for you. You are responsible for your own actionsThe zero is not about your 'support system'rather its describes the inside of your head.....hollow

Raising a glass of beer to you good sir.

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October 16, 2012  08:52 AM ET

Yes.8am beerMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Currently in London on vacation, happy hour over here :)

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October 16, 2012  09:07 AM ET

No support? He spent a huge amount of time in Houston working with John Lucas. Lucas went out of his way to resurrect Blatche's career. And not even a mention?

I think we're seeing why he was ac'd, why so many teams stayed away and why the Nets signed him to a non-guaranteed contract. He really needs to pull himself together.

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October 16, 2012  09:13 AM ET

Are Negative Numbers Not Allowed, Bro?

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October 16, 2012  09:36 AM ET

Cry me a farking river, dude.

October 16, 2012  09:55 AM ET

does this mean he's HIBACHI 2.0??? Taller slower with a weaker shot??? Just leave the guns at home son...

October 16, 2012  10:38 AM ET

Currently in London on vacation.......

And you're posting on FN? (SMH)

October 16, 2012  11:05 AM ET

I think the "0" perfectly represents his worth after 7 years in the league.

October 16, 2012  11:25 AM ET

you nets fans are about to find out why no one thought he'd get a job in the league.

October 16, 2012  11:26 AM ET

man, that photo says it all. who me?

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October 16, 2012  01:00 PM ET

I think the "0" perfectly represents his worth after 7 years in the league.

I was going to say how much he has improved in the last 5 years, but your aren't far off.


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