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Brenly headed back to Arizona


08:15 AM ET 10.18 | Not only are the Cubs in rebuilding mold, but so is their broadcast booth after Bob Brenly confirmed Wednesday that he's leaving. Brenly, a former All-Star catcher whose son Michael is a catcher in the Cubs' minor-league system, wouldn't say where he planned to work next season. Many expect he'll return to the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team he managed to the 2001 World Series title, for a broadcast job he has been linked to since the team decided not to bring back analyst Mark Grace after Grace's second DUI arrest in 15 months. An announcement on Brenly's new job is expected in the next two weeks. WGN released a brief statement saying Brenly informed the station he would not return.

Chicago Sun-Times

Bob Brenly, Icon Sports Bob Brenly, Icon Sports
October 18, 2012  08:52 AM ET

Not again with this guy......

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October 18, 2012  09:21 AM ET

It makes sense for Brenly who lives in Arizona in the off season and probably will make more money, and call games for a team who will win a whole lo t more games next year.

October 18, 2012  09:45 AM ET

Brenly, a truly great color man, will be missed. However, the Cubs will gladly bring back a drunken Mark Grace to replace him.

I could see that happening......

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October 18, 2012  12:24 PM ET

Easy decision for Brenly. It must have been hard to try to project a positive spin on a terrible team that lost 100 games. Plus he had to put up with the endless parade of has-been stars trying to promote their latest project by "singing" Take Me Out To The Ballgame and then talking to him during the next inning. Of course the Cubbies were so bad on the field last year that WGN TV was airing "who will you sing with next" commercials to promote Cub games. Ouch!

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October 18, 2012  04:00 PM ET

Arizona won in spite of him. Sent the same lousy closer into the game and 3 times blew the lead and the game to the Yankees. Good thing he has Randy Johnson and Curt Shilling to pull him out. So he may be fine as an announcer.

October 18, 2012  04:37 PM ET

let's get Mark real drunk, maybe he can impersonate Harry Carey. Go for it Mark!

October 18, 2012  04:50 PM ET

Good for Him, he's a Good Guy!!!

October 18, 2012  05:06 PM ET

the d'backs should sign bob brenly into the managerial spot, gibson wanted to win but the lack in experience has been a big no-no for the d'backs lately,,,

October 18, 2012  05:07 PM ET

let's get Mark real drunk, maybe he can impersonate Harry Carey. Go for it Mark!

mark grace should be the cubs new manager, why not?? after all the cubs have nothing to lose,,,

October 18, 2012  05:20 PM ET

the d'backs may not agree with me, but their current manager can't bring any chamionship to arizona at least for another five years,,,

October 18, 2012  05:21 PM ET

better go with the experienced guy as bob brantley at the end how much the d'bscks have to lose?? nothing,

October 18, 2012  05:23 PM ET

on a terrible team that lost 100 games

bad management would lead to 100 games lost most of the times,,,,,

October 19, 2012  08:20 AM ET

Don't let the door hit you on the kiester as you leave! And NO! NO! NO! to hiring Grace.


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