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Could the White Sox ask about Alex Rodriguez?


03:16 PM ET 10.20 | After their defeat at the hands of the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees could make some changes. Already, Alex Rodriguez has come up in trade rumors, despite his claim that he won't waive his no-trade clause. With the White Sox likely to let Kevin Youkilis go via free agency, Rodriguez could be an option if they're looking to replace him at third base with another All-Star.

Southside Showdown

Alex Rodriguez, Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel Alex Rodriguez, Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel
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October 20, 2012  07:12 PM ET

kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario ...

October 20, 2012  09:20 PM ET

By doing this, the Yanks are going to create another hole

the yankees have created their own holes in their own lineup, woder why? you should never do extension contracts?? because you never know what the future could bring in to the game in 2 or 3 years later,,,,

October 20, 2012  09:23 PM ET

when a player opts for out of contract, that's the right time to turn him loose, nobody is kicking him out clear than the water can't be this picture season after season the same things are repeated over and over,,,,,

October 20, 2012  09:26 PM ET

kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario ...

the white sox took rios from the jays but also took rios contract with them,
but alex rodriguez contract and situation its more different than the rios situation,,,

October 20, 2012  09:27 PM ET

Hmmm. This makes a little sense. Kenny Williams did take on the contract of Alex Rios, and has proven to make some head-scratching moves in the past. In fact, depending on how much of A Roid's salary the Yankees are willing to pay, this should be a no-brainer for the White Sox. Rodriguez is not done...getting benched and then (possibly) traded should be a helluva wake-up call for him. He is not gonna be a 40 HR guy again, but if you have a 3B that can hit 25 and get 80 RBI - and A Roid can - then you deal for him.By doing this, the Yanks are going to create another hole.

kenny williams won't repeat same mistakaes some day he should learn from his wrong moves in the past,,,

October 20, 2012  09:29 PM ET

if yanks trade rodriguez,, then they should trade robinson cano/curtis grandeson/mark texeira/russell martin/mariano rivera/ soriano/nick swisher/ and joe girardi///

October 21, 2012  12:15 AM ET

Youk: 235/ 19 HRs ARod 271/18 HR's both are declining in fielding skills, and prone to injuries and slumps. Besides the fact that ARod is a 10/5 player who has stated that he will veto any trade, this might make a little sense for the WS, but no sense at all for the Yanks. If they dump ARod, who plays 3b? More importantly, who is the designated scapegoat? As long as ARod stays, they can blame all their problems on him, and their fans will buy it. If he leaves, who do they blame their failures on? Girardi? Cano? Cashman? Granderson? Tex?

October 21, 2012  09:59 AM ET

The Angels will have the same problem with number 5 in a few years when the bat speed slows down, and that will affect rbi's and home runs and that will cause the same problem the Yanks are facing now.


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