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Honeymoon over for Kirk Gibson in Arizona


11:03 AM ET 10.21 | Baseball season is over for Kirk Gibson. So is the honeymoon in Arizona. So is the old-school spell he once cast over a clubhouse full of receptive players. His 2012 team underperformed, becoming poster boys for mediocrity. Gibson assumes all responsibility, and that's good. He deserves some blame for what went wrong. His aggressive mandate on the basepaths produced reckless results. He subjected catcher Miguel Montero to 20 consecutive starts because the team was technically alive, even though the chase for a wild-card berth was fool's gold and they had just signed Montero to a lengthy, expensive contract. There were relationship and communication issues. Gibson seemed annoyed with Trevor Bauer's bizarre pregame regimen, to the point where it's become an organizational dilemma. In a recent radio interview, Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick publicly reminded Bauer that he was "an employee" and needed "to satisfy the needs of the employer." Gibson still has the unconditional support of his bosses. But when he returns for his third full season, there will be some changes. Bob Brenly will be perched in the broadcast booth, returning as a very popular and candid color commentator. Mark Grace always has wanted to manage, and if he doesn't fill Brenly's vacancy in Chicago, he could begin his own coaching career in Arizona.

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Kirk Gibson, Ralph Freso/Getty Images Kirk Gibson, Ralph Freso/Getty Images
October 21, 2012  11:17 AM ET

gibson has never been able to stablish any control in arizona at all,bob brenly or mark grace could walk in and take the managerial job by mid-season!!!

October 21, 2012  11:19 AM ET

the arizona franchise shouldn't be too passive about the manager's indifference about winning championships, every team expect to gain some respect and win as many pennants!!!!

October 21, 2012  11:22 AM ET

the d'backs appears to be in a major cleanup in the 2013 winter season,,they traded young/ drew/ now they are working in a deal involved upton with different type of teams!!!

October 21, 2012  11:23 AM ET

the d'backs should hire a decent manager, the way gibsom has manage the team it shows he still has a long way to go....

October 21, 2012  11:42 AM ET

kirk gibson has too many unfish business at the D'BACKS franchise, but can he really turn things into the right direction???

October 21, 2012  11:45 AM ET

He's from the Sparky Anderson school of thought, they pay you that much you are sure gonna earn it. Willie Hernandez comes to mind.

October 21, 2012  12:20 PM ET

We will be very happy if Gibby come to DETROIT and Leyland can retire on top.

October 21, 2012  01:27 PM ET

It's a DBack trifecta!

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October 22, 2012  01:45 AM ET


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October 22, 2012  09:14 AM ET

gibson has never been able to stablish any control in arizona at all,bob brenly or mark grace could walk in and take the managerial job by mid-season!!!

stablish? Not in any dictionary.

October 22, 2012  10:55 AM ET

Win or Else, we don't care who you are or what you accomplished!!!!!

October 22, 2012  08:05 PM ET

This is the DUMBEST thing I've read. Besides you being DEAD WRONG about Gibson's relationship with his players and management. The idea that Grace would somehow get to manage after just being FIRED by the organization is... is... is... I want to throw my keyboard through my computer screen right now.

October 23, 2012  02:08 AM ET

stablish? Not in any dictionary.

Oh yes, you can find it in the English-Alacranese dictionary Edition III.

October 23, 2012  01:22 PM ET

will happily have gibson replace leyland after the tigers win the world series.

October 23, 2012  05:55 PM ET

wiseup: Chris young and Upton underachieved for the last two years. They unloaded Young, and are trying to trade Upton. Not sure what they have to fill in these spots with. unless they have people in mind in exchange for upton. If Gibson can unload Upton for some talent next yearcould be better. However in the business of baseball it's what have you done for me lately. If Arizona gets off to a good start Gibson will probably last the season. If no progress Gibson will probably be gone at end of season.


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