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The NBA's deepest bench (according to Jason Terry)


08:17 AM ET 10.26 | Between Leandro Barbosa and Jason Terry, the Celtics certainly have their Sixth Man of the Year cred intact. Terry has set the tone for the Celtic reserves since arriving as a free agent, and on Thursday, he reiterated the second unit's goal. "Adding Barbosa made a deep bench even deeper," Terry said after practice. "Not only are we deep but we're very explosive and we are going to look to outscore everyone's bench this season, every time we step out on the floor. We have the deepest bench in basketball. The Clippers might have something to say about that, but it's us in this locker room. Our mission every night is to go out and outwork and outscore every other bench."

The Boston Globe

Doc Rivers, Getty Images Doc Rivers, Getty Images
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October 26, 2012  08:41 AM ET

Jason Terry..........moron

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October 26, 2012  08:51 AM ET

... (Jeff Green, Jet, Darko, Lee and Bass) And they killed it. ...

Who is starting at PF ? Sullinger ?

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October 26, 2012  09:26 AM ET

It's Better To Remain Silent....., Bro.

October 26, 2012  09:56 AM ET

So Fab Melo is basically out of the rotation?

October 26, 2012  10:35 AM ET

Forgot that Barbosa is a former 6th Man of the Year... During the Preseason, there was maybe only 4 possessions where Doc put the actual bench in to see what it would look like. (Jeff Green, Jet, Darko, Lee and Bass) And they killed it. Some thing like 32 pts, 4 steals, 14 rebounds, 5 offensives rebs. Out running the opposition. It was great to see then Doc switched it out and put some summer league players in.... Darko is just so happy and eager to be given an honest chance. The C's bench is going to be good that's for sure.

I agree that the C's bench will be good, in fact, I'll go a bit farther, They will be in the top two for sure. The only thing I see wrong here is not having Bass in the starting rotation, I think he's earned it. Doc has been poor of late with his handling of Ray Allen and now Bass. I think the rookie is good and would be just as effective coming off the bench. Let him learn that way first. My main point is though their bench as Jet has stated is hoovering around tops in the NBA!

October 26, 2012  10:38 AM ET

who's a moron on the knicks? any of them been a 6th Man of the Year? I think Tyson Chandler would love to have his former teammate play w/ him in NY.... I think Jason Kidd would welcome his former teammate as well.... No? What are your thoughts on that guard that used to play on the Nuggets? what's his name?

I certainly see Felton as being more effective and efficient than one Jeremy Love. I would hope that no one would be in massive denial about how good the Celtics bench are or could be. They look good. Jet is and has always been a fiery talker, but nonetheless a very effective one. He's earned that right!

October 26, 2012  10:44 AM ET

Terry's cockiness and confidence can be a positive. He uses it as self motivation but other players on the team will have to check him occasionally. Remember this is the same guy that said Lebron James can't guard me for 7 games. Then dropped cold blooded 3's on Lebron's head. Ray Allen never had balls like that.

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October 26, 2012  10:58 AM ET

for awhile Felton might be better than Jeremy Lin and that's due to experience... Felton looks out of shape and a bit "rounded-off" He doesn't look like he works out.... When Lin's career is over, i think you'll see Lin having a better career than Felton.

Jeremy Love have in store for him "Backup spark of the bench and thats it". If that holds true, then Felton don't have much of a career as a starting pg. I don't see that for Felton, he's better and has been better than that. Jeremy Love's best is behind him as this preseason is illustrating.

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