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Panthers WR Smith drawing interest


07:57 AM ET 10.31 | Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams isn't alone in drawing trade interest among high-profile offensive players in Carolina. An NFC team inquired about the availability of veteran wideout Steve Smith on Sunday, but there has been no trade offer and no follow-up talks, a team source said Tuesday. Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reported that multiple teams had inquired about Smith, who signed a three-year contract extension in April. A trade involving Williams is more likely, although not imminent. The Panthers have $43.5 million in guaranteed money committed to Williams and Jonathan Stewart, who has replaced Williams as the starter. Multiple playoff-contending teams called the Panthers last week to inquire about a possible trade for Williams, team sources said.

Charlotte Observer

Steve Smith, Getty Images Steve Smith, Getty Images
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October 31, 2012  08:12 AM ET

All he cares about is drawing interest on that bank account.

October 31, 2012  08:25 AM ET

Who wants the heart and soul of a 1-6 team?

October 31, 2012  09:30 AM ET

It's called 'kicking the tires.'

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October 31, 2012  09:52 AM ET

What ??? but that would truly hamper their super bowl chances. Khalil Im very mad at u , Why did u lie to me ??

October 31, 2012  09:54 AM ET

Who wants the heart and soul of a 1-6 team?

J-E-T-S.. JETS!!! JETS!!!! JETS!!!!

Anyone who still has a soul is a step up for that team.

October 31, 2012  10:11 AM ET

Wouldn't surprise me if Seattle was the team asking about Smith. They're looking at any WRs with a pulse and an ability to catch the damned football. Wilson keeps putting it right on the money, 50 yards down field, only to have it brick off the receiver's hands.

October 31, 2012  11:24 AM ET

Steve Smith is way too much talent for Carolina.....what a waste he is there!

October 31, 2012  12:58 PM ET

I'm sure Phillip Rivers could us a deep threat, he would welcome Smith with open arms. He could us a RB who holds on to the football too. But what do you give for an aging veteran? A 7th round draft pick? how about 2 #7's?

October 31, 2012  01:02 PM ET

I can see the Niners in the mix to, if for any other reason than to stretch out the defense. Moss still has some life but you don't have to respect Moss off the line like you do Smith. He would really open up that Niner running game. The down side is....can Alex Smith wing the ball to him deep?

October 31, 2012  01:03 PM ET

It's called 'kicking the tires.'

Does that work better than kicking the coach ?

October 31, 2012  01:53 PM ET

To begin with the Panthers need too look at the defensive side of the ball. So far it is pitiful.

October 31, 2012  02:58 PM ET

A lot of his talent was wasted by the Panthers and cannot be recovered, but he is still underutilized and undermotivated. He'd be a good addition to the right team.

October 31, 2012  04:01 PM ET

Small receiver. Big mouth. Zero TDs. He's still good but not anybody to get too excited over

October 31, 2012  06:06 PM ET

Wonder if he'd be interested in catching some of PFM's passes in Denver?

October 31, 2012  09:56 PM ET

Saints need to make some overtures about defensive players. Don't care what the DC says the team is lacking in talent on the defensive side of the ball. Not that the offense is all that great since Drew Brees held out and got this 10M/year contract. Does not all fall on Brees but he has had too interceptions and fumbles this year.
Do not believe either of these Panthers would help solve the problem. Just hope Goody Goodell gives the Saints back the 2nd round draft choice for this year. He should see that he has wrecked the Saints for this season and that should be enough. There was no reason for his actions but be that as it may he needs to show some mercy.


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