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Ex-Celtic tempted by Clippers


08:11 AM ET 11.01 | Had Ray Allen inked with Los Angeles, perhaps this would have sat easier with Kevin Garnett. The Clippers ultimately offered their full mid-level exception ($5.6 million) to Jamal Crawford before Allen had a chance to fly to Los Angeles following his interview with Heat president Pat Riley. But the Miami guard claims he would have taken the Clippers seriously, if they had given him a chance. "I believe they thought I was using them as leverage," Allen said. "But I spoke with (coach) Vinny (Del Negro) and their people before I came down (to Miami). I said we'll set up a trip." ... "I wasn't flying from here all the way to LA just to hang out. As a free agent, I've never gone anywhere just to visit."

Boston Herald

Ray Allen, Icon Sports Ray Allen, Icon Sports
November 1, 2012  08:30 AM ET

Even I'm tired of this now. T & R somebody else please..........

November 1, 2012  08:37 AM ET

he should have went to the Clippers

November 1, 2012  08:46 AM ET

Mr. Shuttlesworth please stop talking about the teams you wanted to go to or use to play for or how your feelings are hurt....your a Heat player now so enjoy the ride bruh.

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November 1, 2012  09:31 AM ET

I don't understand this, the man made a decision for HIS career. He is not playing for KG's love.

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November 1, 2012  09:55 AM ET

someone spray me w/ mace....

Long line for that!:)

November 1, 2012  09:58 AM ET

The Lakers Rule Staples, Bro.

November 1, 2012  10:28 AM ET

Ray cannot undo what he created. He has become the enemy and he chose it! Ray is just making excuses why he took the Heatles job! Too late!

As if it matters.

He's in the best place he could be right now. Boston ain't winning anything in the near term.....and Miami is the defending Champions and arguably.....a much better team this year versus last year.

Not to mention that Allen had 19 points in 30 minutes in his Heat debut against the Celtics (still LMAO over this) ! does go on after leaving Boston ;-) .

November 1, 2012  10:30 AM ET

.......benedict Ray wants to squeeze out the last little bit of PR he can get, he'll be gone in a yr or two....

And probably with another ring or two.........

November 1, 2012  10:49 AM ET

look, KG isn't the one talking about benedict Ray leaving.... This deal took place over the summer. Why is benedict Ray talking about whether the Clips thought he was using em for leverage?? A lot of these threads are b/c he keeps talking about what happened last summer. Its all by design, benedict Ray wants to squeeze out the last little bit of PR he can get, he'll be gone in a yr or two....

If I may ask why are people so upset at Ray for leaving in Boston. He was not a Celtic legend. He was not drafted by the C's. He played five years there and gave his all and helped win a Ship but it is not like Pierce left the team. Pierce is a true Celtic and it would be a disgrace if he left and went anywhere. Ray dealt with numerous trade deadline talks and no one was upset at the C's. Dude was a hired gun who's contract ran out and left so I was just wondering why folks in Boston hate the guy so much. I will say he acts like a broken hearted lover the way he talks about leaving Boston.

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November 1, 2012  11:38 AM ET

he should have went to the Clippers


November 1, 2012  11:57 AM ET

well, it probably wouldn't have played out like this if we hadn't won in '08. Benedict Ray just keeps on talking, prolonging the whole subject. The fact he keeps talking about it, makes it all worse.... and tiresome....

Yeah tiresome, but talking about Ray talking about that's riveting!

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