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Dez Bryant removed from punt returning duties


05:22 PM ET 11.01 | Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has spent time returning punts for the team because of his dynamic play-making ability but Bryant has made mistakes on special teams in the Cowboys' past two games and that has forced the team to remove him from punt returns. According to Jimmy Burch of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bryant has said that he's been taken off punt returns. Bryant was asked by reports if he was still the team's punt returner and he replied, "I don't think so. But I promise you, man, I'm going to bet back in their ear. I'm going to get in their ear about that."

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Dez Bryant, Getty Images Dez Bryant, Getty Images
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November 2, 2012  08:15 AM ET

I guess East Elmhurst still has power.

November 2, 2012  08:53 AM ET

The Cowboys are a horrible mess

November 2, 2012  09:15 AM ET

Forget about getting back in their ears, Dez. Get back in their trust. That's a different matter.

November 2, 2012  09:24 AM ET

I agree....Dez should not be returning punts...the hits are too violent and losing him on a special teams play is not cool.

To poster 3: the Cowboys are not a horrible mess. It is because expectations are high every year in Dallas that makes them get more attention than other teams. You should know this being a Yankee fan and having a 200m payroll with zip to show for it.

The Cowboys have a mediocre coach at best and every season seem to fall short on 1 side of the ball or the other.

For seasons now it has been the D. Now, the D is fixed and the O can not do crap.

We can have Manning, Brees or Rodgers back there and it might have won us 1 more game over Tony. You can not throw the ball consistently in the NFL when your line can not block for you or is getting flagged for holding and false starts left and right.

Dallas needs to get rid of Free and rebuild the interior of that line. Period.

November 2, 2012  09:26 AM ET

I guess East Elmhurst still has power.

Jerrah told him to do that O.

November 2, 2012  09:40 AM ET

They should trade Dez now while they can still get something of value in return for him and blow up the rest of the roster.

November 2, 2012  10:13 AM ET

Forget about getting back in their ears, Dez. Get back in their trust. That's a different matter.

My thoughts exactly....hang on to the ball Dez, and make a few of those tough catches, the ones that elite receivers usually make. I also agree with Jeffhart on the coaching and offense. The clock management has been shoddy at best. The offense line takes too many 'false start" penalties. Romo seems to be calling audibles all the time. Maybe Garrett should let Romo call the plays for a half....see how it goes.

November 2, 2012  11:05 AM ET

The boys have a young version of TO, which means nothing but more trouble for him and a bad fix for the team.

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November 2, 2012  12:23 PM ET

It is hard being a DC fan right about now.


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