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Wade to donate game check to Hurricane Sandy relief


06:21 PM ET 11.02 | Dwyane Wade is not happy that there will be a basketball game played in New York City on Friday night just days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area. His Miami Heat are scheduled to play the New York Knicks, and while there's nothing Wade can do about the game happening, he has decided to make a difference to those who were and are still affected by the storm. Wade will donate his entire $210,000 single-game salary to charity, he told USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt. "The money I make tonight can be left for a good cause," he said. "I know a lot of people here. Knowing the things they have been through, it's just mind-boggling. Miami is a place that is affected by hurricanes all the time so I know how the community can be impacted by it. It's tough."

USA Today

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November 2, 2012  06:28 PM ET


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November 2, 2012  07:10 PM ET

Bravo, D Wade! Bravo!

November 2, 2012  07:15 PM ET

well done D wade

November 2, 2012  07:24 PM ET

Awesome!! Dwade is man!

November 2, 2012  08:29 PM ET

When did Martin Lawrence start playing for the Heat?

November 2, 2012  08:52 PM ET

Lets go Knicks!!!

November 2, 2012  09:32 PM ET

More players should follow.
Well done Wade

November 2, 2012  10:38 PM ET

Nice story. If only more players would donate to help

November 2, 2012  10:39 PM ET

More players should follow.Well done Wade

Alfie, did you see the Knicks spank the Heat? who needs Howard?

November 3, 2012  01:10 AM ET

Good to hear about donations like this.

November 3, 2012  01:34 AM ET

Wade didn't wanna play today, and it showed in the second half.

Nice gesture with the charity, but if he's gonna be this inconsistent through the season, LBJ has bigger burden.

November 3, 2012  01:38 AM ET

btw congrats Knicks fans. Good win today. Always nice to win a home opener.

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November 3, 2012  07:25 AM ET

Alfie, did you see the Knicks spank the Heat? who needs Howard?

I watched a few minutes. Melo actually looked like a man on a mission. But can it last all season?

November 3, 2012  07:45 AM ET

Asides from all the negative I speak concerning Mr. Wade, today will be an exception. On behalf the people of our city.....thank you D. Wade sincerely.

On another note though, where is that loudmouth and always wrong "Lostwill". I guess you must be turning over in a nightmare seeing as though the Knicks won largely a blowout game in defeating the Heat. OBTW, the people you love to hate simply had great games, ah Melo & Felton. Felton wit the crossovers and no look passes, Melo with the deep threes and banging the boards, and don't forget J.R., another one you dispies, he had a very productive game. OBTW, wheres your buddy JGB another one who always deliver great suspicions and doubt concerning anything the Knicks may accomplish. I guess you two must really be losing sleep.

November 3, 2012  09:07 AM ET

butt-hole. He's feeling guilty, he recently twittered he couldnt believe the traffic in nyc, now he donates money.... GOOGLE dwade complains about nyc traffic.... it'll come up.

+1...where was the t&r story about that

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