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Why did Angels-Cubs trade fall apart?


09:10 AM ET 11.03 | The Cubs worked Friday night on getting a significant jump on filling their off-season needs but eventually pulled the plug on a would-be trade of closer Carlos Marmol to the Los Angeles Angels for starting pitcher Dan Haren. An agreement was close enough that Marmol was asked to waive his limited no-trade rights and consented to being traded to the Angels, according to a source. And Marmol told multiple news outlets he had been traded, saying during a radio interview in the Dominican Republic: "I don't know whether to feel happy or sad, because I leave a team that helped me to have a career in the majors." But late Friday night, a Cubs source said the would-be deal was off: "There is no deal. There won't be a deal." It was not immediately clear what caused the trade to fall through. One report suggested money may have been the hang-up. The Angels declined Haren's $15.5 million option for 2013 at Friday's 11 p.m. deadline making him a free agent. They had shopped him for much of the week.

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Dan Haren, Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images Dan Haren, Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images
November 3, 2012  09:43 AM ET

Theo is crying in his Cheerios this morning.

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November 3, 2012  12:20 PM ET

You would think that the buffoons in the Cubbies' front office would have improved their communication skills after the Dempster non-trade but here they are again messing up communications with Marmol.

November 3, 2012  01:41 PM ET

marmol can't promise any good job at the closer spot any more, dan haren salary was too little too high, IF the cubs really are serious and interested in dan haren then go ahead and sign him, let say 35 millions 3 years deal??

November 3, 2012  01:44 PM ET

Theo can sign Haren as a free agent, if he wants.Marmol has been inconsistent, and is not the answer in the bullpen the Angels need.

no, angels need to upgrade their bullpen, halos bullpen its a mess from all last season should the halos get some free agent relievers and who would be?? this is where jerry dipoto gets his first test as a GM, last year he failed in pujols deal,

November 3, 2012  01:46 PM ET

Let's see, the Cubs have Samardzija, Garza, and Travis Wood. Yeah....... they need starters. Marmol was actually decent after being reinstated as their closer in June, but still has no idea where the ball is going, and never will

the cubs would need to upgrade their rotation, dempster/haren/kuroda/wolf/ and many more are available,,lets not forget zack greinke is in the same wagon!!!

November 3, 2012  01:48 PM ET

Theo is crying in his Cheerios this morning.

maybe he is maybe not, it all depends which is his perspective point, 15.5 millions was more than he could affored, plus this franchise would likely cut their payroll in half anyways!!!

November 3, 2012  01:50 PM ET

I'm glad it fell apart. I've seen enough of Marmol to know I don't want him anywhere near the Halos bullpen. They already have enough walk machines and mini K-Rods in there. I wish they would have kept Danny though, I feel like he'll bounce back next year. I'd rather trust his history than one bad year.

November 3, 2012  02:03 PM ET

fall apart? you mean as the angels rotation falled apart?? tough situation nevertheless!!!

November 3, 2012  02:06 PM ET

angels rotation, jered weaver, jered weaver, jered weaver, garrett richards,CJ wilson,, and lets not forget WILSON just had surgery and could take a little longer his recovery,,,

November 3, 2012  02:08 PM ET

I'm glad it fell apart. I've seen enough of Marmol to know I don't want him anywhere near the Halos bullpen. They already have enough walk machines and mini K-Rods in there. I wish they would have kept Danny though, I feel like he'll bounce back next year. I'd rather trust his history than one bad year.

you tell that to GM dipoto, untill now he hasn't done nothing out of ordinary,, pujols by far was a terrible mistake which at the end would lead to a faillure!!!

November 3, 2012  02:11 PM ET

we'll have to wait and see IF, the organization can or would be able to straight up their rotation/bullpen/ lineup/offense/deffense//hitting coach/pitching coach/bench coach/ and so on!!

November 3, 2012  02:15 PM ET

should the halos throw in their fishing lines in rafael soriano as their closer?? i mean there is nothing to lose anyways,,,

November 3, 2012  02:16 PM ET

randy wolf is available/ and some old pitchers as well!!! for the halos rotation,,

November 3, 2012  02:22 PM ET

the only way the angels could upgrade their rotation would be through trades,,,,
trade baits,,,mark trumbo for james shields and chris archer, that would be the right call in favor the halos, trumbo would be cheap and a very good firstbase man at the rays lineup!!!

November 3, 2012  02:31 PM ET

angels desperation for starters would only increase their mental mistakes in either way,
they either move a hitter for a starter or two, or sign some mopup relievers and use them from time to time as a starters!!!

November 3, 2012  02:42 PM ET

should the angels hire barry bonds as their primary hitting coach? should the halos through a fishing line towards gregg maddux as their pitching coach?? or just try to bring in chuck finley and tim salmon as their new life saver in their team???

November 3, 2012  02:45 PM ET

angels denial in their catching weakness can't help their own cause, but refusing to upgrading their hitting coach and their pitching coach would lead them to a completely disaster if not more than that!!!

November 3, 2012  02:47 PM ET

we need lefty starters, we need lefty relievers,, we need more lefty hitters,, and we need lefty utility players, no question in any of those spots we are at the dead end!!!


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