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Cowboys gave Dez Bryant permission to break curfew


08:31 AM ET 11.04 | Dez Bryant received permission to stay out with friends past midnight and did not break curfew when he was spotted at a Dallas club on Saturday. The Cowboys receiver agreed to follow a rigid set of guidelines in the wake of his Class A misdemeanor charge for domestic violence this summer. One of those is not staying out past midnight unless it is cleared by his advisor, David Wells, and/or the club. "He had permission," Wells said. "He made the request through proper channels and everyone was fine with it." Two members of Bryant's security detail and six of his Cowboys teammates were at the club along with former Mavericks Delonte West and Josh Howard. Wells said police officers working at the club were informed of Bryant's arrival beforehand.

Dallas Morning News

Dez Bryant, Getty Images Dez Bryant, Getty Images
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November 4, 2012  08:56 AM ET

Just how lame does a grown man have to be to ask his boss permission to go out for a beer?

November 4, 2012  09:03 AM ET

I thought Jerra said there was no curfew?

November 4, 2012  09:04 AM ET

A man in structure only who beats on his momma, a brain of a 12 year old who has to have people telling him what to do, where you can go, and what time to be home. I can just imagine how many classes he attended in college and how many tests someone else took for him. Another great draft pick General Jerry.

November 4, 2012  09:11 AM ET

And if you were raised in his environment you would be ?

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November 4, 2012  09:42 AM ET

Does anyone care?

November 4, 2012  09:50 AM ET

I think more of us should

November 4, 2012  09:56 AM ET

Josh Howard?

Hide the chronic...

November 4, 2012  10:05 AM ET

Does anyone care?

[sound of crickets]

November 4, 2012  10:23 AM ET

[sound of crickets]

November 4, 2012  10:29 AM ET

I think more of us should

This guy does.

November 4, 2012  10:39 AM ET

I bet his six team mates were not that happy when he showed up. Hard to be incognito .

November 4, 2012  10:39 AM ET

So... why do the Cowboys care if anyone knows Dez broke a curfew that supposedly didn't exist to begin with? That's a lot of spin control for a story that isn't even supposed to be a story.

November 4, 2012  11:20 AM ET

I cannot express how little interest I have in Dez Bryant's bedtime--and now there is a second thread about it!

November 4, 2012  11:51 AM ET

What intrigues me is the conflecting stories. If Dez put the curfew on himself why did the team respond? If there is no curfew, why did the team say he had permission to stay out ? Someone is not telling the whole story, and we know how the media love mis information.

November 4, 2012  12:48 PM ET

Just how lame does a grown man have to be to ask his boss permission to go out for a beer?

The NFL is not the real world. It's just a bunch of entertainers in pads, nothing more nothing less. Example: Most people would be fired for tackling a coworker, not cheered for it. At my job the whole cheerleaders thing and mascot would be a no-no too.


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