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Big egos threaten to tear Thunder apart


08:04 AM ET 11.05 | Taking starless teams lightly, as the Thunder may have over the weekend, would be the second-worst development over the course of this already dramatic season in Oklahoma City. The worst thing that can happen to this Thunder season is something that's reared its head in every single game thus far. That's egos creeping in and causing players to believe they're better than. [On Sunday,] much like the first two nights of the 2012-13 season, there was a ton of barking among Thunder players. At the end of the first quarter, Thabo Sefolosha and Russell Westbrook had to be separated from exchanging words as they walked to the bench. ... Later, Durant chewed out Serge Ibaka for failing to grab a rebound.

The Oklahoman

Kevin Durant, Icon Sports Kevin Durant, Icon Sports
November 5, 2012  08:09 AM ET

Whoops. This is probably a media-created controversy, but if it isn't it could be bad for Thunder fans, Already they've started to break up the team with the Harden trade. Now this?

November 5, 2012  08:13 AM ET


November 5, 2012  08:18 AM ET

How about giving some credit to Horford and the Hawks rather than speculate controversy?

The hawks played a very smart game (w/o Smith that too). Kudos!

November 5, 2012  08:20 AM ET

Only people who haven't played a lick a sport would make this a big deal. This happens everytime!

November 5, 2012  08:25 AM ET

Hanging out with LeBron does this.

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November 5, 2012  08:50 AM ET

They should have traded Westbrook.

November 5, 2012  08:52 AM ET


Yeah this is Scottie's fault, and thats why I say he's the wrong coach for this team. He should have controlled Westbrook from the very start. Last year he should have had Harden at the point and Westbrook the two, then you would not have had all of this outta control ego constantly being displayed by Westbrook. He (Westbrook) thinks he's right there with Kobe & Lebron and this kinda of thinking could've been controlled wit the ball outta his hands.

A great distributor Westbrook''s not and until his **** is curtailed rather forcefully by the headcoach, this problem continues. KD lack of assertion as the team's complete and only leader gives off the influence of Westbrook to others on the team. Now you have all the other players looking at this and now acting out. This is completely on Brooks!

November 5, 2012  08:57 AM ET

Hawks- knicks ecf?:)

Man, the Knicks look good so far. I hope they continue this. If so... Melo for MVP???

November 5, 2012  08:59 AM ET

Hanging out with LeBron does this.

+1 pretty much

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November 5, 2012  09:02 AM ET

Man, the Knicks look good so far. I hope they continue this. If so... Melo for MVP???

I like whatcha say, butcha know they coming at you for that comment. This is Apple and the comment is all good, the Knicks are winning and it can't be misunderstood!

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November 5, 2012  09:36 AM ET

The Harden move is beginning to splice the Thunder. Martin is a good fit but he's not a part of the fabric. Harden, Westbrook, and Durrant came through together from the very beginnings and the Thunder situation is looking more like the Dallas situation when they won the Finals a couple of years ago (no pay, no play).

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November 5, 2012  09:43 AM ET

Try Not To Beat Yourselves, Bros.


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