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Why Carmelo Anthony needs to stay at power forward


12:21 PM ET 11.08 | It's Thursday, Nov. 8. After opening night got postponed because of Superstorm Sandy, the New York Knicks have rattled off three straight wins to kick off the season. Thanks to a Clippers win over the San Antonio Spurs, the Knicks are the only remaining undefeated team in the NBA. Re-read that last sentence again. And one more time, while you're at it. Why have the Knicks have beat the Heat and the 76ers twice, you ask? There are three very obvious, hard-hitting analytical answers that we all know: 3-point shooting, defensive intensity, and Carmelo Anthony.

Buckets Over Broadway

Carmelo Anthony, Getty Images/ Jim McIsaac Carmelo Anthony, Getty Images/ Jim McIsaac
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November 8, 2012  03:47 PM ET

What you say has credibility except for the fact that Amare will come back sooner or later, then it all goes to hell in a hand basket. But again, only time will tell. For stars to exist on the same team one has to be mature enough to step back for the good of the team. Who will it be, and what happens if they choose wrong! Something to think about as the season progresses!

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November 9, 2012  08:08 AM ET

Even when a cat is playing stellar, yeah the one called Melo, you cats have a problem, always talkin bout dat other fellow, Amare, da cat's straight up sorry, always hurt, never on time for work, sitting back watchin, as Melo perculate.

When I'm spittin, this I bet, I'm the best cat yet, while others r hate'n, and makin fake **** internet threats, you know my steez, I am to pleez, while makin suckas crumble while they on the knees.

Yo when I'm on dis rap $hitt, I stay up when I spit, I stay on, like neon, a lyrical genius, you play on, never missin a beat, when I rap on.

when I spit dis $hitt, I'm a minority, a lyrical master, and a hip hop authority, kinda like da on called Dorithy, da one in Oz, I'm spittin ryhmes and got u suckas seein stars.

So don't talk about dat cat Amare, he's straight up sorry, dis is da rhyme I write, my **** straight up game tight, like candle wax, when I spit dis $hitt, I spit it to the max.

Apple and I'm out!

November 9, 2012  12:34 PM ET

I said this last year as well. He plays so much better without Amare.

Melo is able to destroy every PF with ease.

Imagine if they didn't have Amare. They would have more money to spend on a better SF/SG/PG/Bench. They don't really need to upgrade Felton or the 2 spot.


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