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Could Jeremy Hellickson be a fit in Milwaukee?


01:37 AM ET 11.10 | Zack Greinke was traded away. Shaun Marcum is now a free agent. That leaves just Yovani Gallardo to lead the Milwaukee Brewers rotation. Recent news suggests that the Brewers aren't making an extension with outfielder Corey Hart a priority, so perhaps there's a reason. Perhaps he's being shopped around to a team with a surplus of frontline pitchers. How would a deal involving Corey Hart and 2011 Rookie of the Year Jeremy Hellickson work out for both clubs?

Reviewing the Brew

Jeremy Hellickson, Rob Tringali/Getty Images Jeremy Hellickson, Rob Tringali/Getty Images
November 10, 2012  11:39 AM ET

lets see here,,,the rays aren't looking to add higher payroll at their franchise and corey hart would be seeking a long term contract say 5 years 150 millions deal range,,the rays lack in financially so all in all no trade at least not for corey hart,,,

November 10, 2012  11:41 AM ET

hellickson makes better sense at the angels trade, hellickson/chris archer and torres/ for trumbo and conger!!!

November 10, 2012  12:11 PM ET

the red sox would be better with hellickson on their devastaded rotation,, but WHO the red sox have available to trade for this rays pitcher??

November 10, 2012  12:13 PM ET

the yankees would love to add hellickson in their franchise, the yanks rotation its too weak as of last season, michael pineda won't be ready untill mid- june, next season, nova and cc sabathia wouldn't be able to hold up the yankees team,,,,

November 10, 2012  12:15 PM ET

the rays could part ways with james shields through trade, but the rays may want a good top prospects for him, shields could fit just right in any team's rotation!!!

November 10, 2012  12:44 PM ET

i think this elite pitcher would fit in many teams, red sox/yankees/dodgers/angels/tigers/rangers/the phillies/the d'backs??yes why not??the d'backs have a cheap in justin upton as a trade,,,

November 10, 2012  12:45 PM ET

jacoby ellbury would be right in the rays roster, the red sox should trade ellsbury for hellickson and a minor league prospect,,,,

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November 10, 2012  06:04 PM ET

Brewers are not trading Hart period. He played Gold Glove caliber defense at first last year after not playing there for several years. Two years ago he signed a below market value extension and has said publicly that he wants to retire a brewer. Whoever said he wants 5/150 is just spit-balling and I doubt that is the case anyway. In fact, he advised Greinke to take the Brewers extension offer because he was happy here and told him "you don't have to get every last dollar." That was also said by Hart in an interview.

November 10, 2012  10:30 PM ET

jacoby ellbury would be right in the rays roster, the red sox should trade ellsbury for hellickson and a minor league prospect,,,,

This makes no sense at all.

November 11, 2012  08:55 AM ET

The only way the Brewers get Helly is by trading Lucroy and a prospect.

November 11, 2012  11:20 AM ET

It would be a one-sided deal because the Brewers need the pitching and get rid of payroll, but the Rays need an outfielder with run producing power, but it want work for them because of his high salary.

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