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Maryland unveils "Black Ops" uniforms


05:19 PM ET 11.14 | The Maryland Terrapins and the fine folks of Under Armour have once again joined forces to create a special uniform for the Terrapins to wear. This weekend, the Terps will roll out their brand spanking new "Black Ops" uniforms for their Saturday afternoon game against the Florida State Seminoles in College Park. The all-black uniforms will give Maryland an intense look for when they take the field. To go with the black-on-black color scheme, the Terps will have a charcoal grey pattern that emulates the state flag. The uniforms also feature red lettering and a yellow outline to bring the colors of Maryland to life. As far as all-black uniforms go, this is one of the best you will see. Hats off to Maryland and Under Armour for this incredible collaboration. Check out the uniforms on

Demetrius Hartsfield, Rob Carr/Getty Images Demetrius Hartsfield, Rob Carr/Getty Images
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November 15, 2012  01:33 AM ET

These uni,s are not going to help them!!!!!!

November 15, 2012  02:08 AM ET

This reads like a dad-gum advertisement. FanSided comes off sounding like a shameless shill for Under Armour.C'mon, mods! A little more editorial rigor, For Pete's sake. At least put something up relatively newsworthy.

Is there a way we can report an entire thread as spam?

November 15, 2012  07:07 AM ET

Dressing the part doesn't mean that you can play the part.

November 15, 2012  08:10 AM ET

Maybe they want to be donned in all black so once the game is over they can shut the power off and hide in the dark?

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November 15, 2012  08:57 AM ET

Maybe they want to be donned in all black so once the game is over they can shut the power off and hide in the dark?

Maybe they're hoping the other team won't find their qb in the dark.

November 15, 2012  09:54 AM ET

Maybe they're hoping the other team won't find their qb in the dark.

Considering Edsal can't even find one on his roster, it's a good bet this ploy'll work...

November 15, 2012  10:10 AM ET

Ask UGa how the all-black special unis work.

Noleys are gonna tear the Terps' shells off, and have a feast on the soft innards.

November 15, 2012  12:08 PM ET

Unless the unis turn them into supermen (no torn ACL's) they will get blown off the field. The saddest thing about Maryland football is that with all the injuries they will give Randy Edsall another year. So that means another year of being embarrassed on the field.

November 15, 2012  01:31 PM ET

My jumpsuit is more stylish.

November 15, 2012  01:40 PM ET

Too bad Maryland football takes a back seat to the latest clown outfits they wear...the new uni every week reinforces this is a program with no tradition of excellence.

November 15, 2012  03:20 PM ET

So is Under Armour using Maryland as their fashion runway like Nike/Oregon? Are they pizzing away their money on the Terds oops Terps trying to getting a bigger piece of the CFB pie or is there just someone at Maryland with WAY too much time on their hands?

November 15, 2012  08:15 PM ET

The Terps need to focus on building a solid program versus this stupid uniform stuff. Until they can put a consistent winner on the field, leave the uni's to normal stuff. Last year and this year are an embarrassment and people only talk about Maryland's unis. Real good move last year and then to continue the nonsense this year?!!

November 16, 2012  03:04 PM ET

Where's EWO?


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